UCD Charrette Process Blog

  1. Our users are mainly commuters who have similar routines when go to work or school. The scenario is that one commuter is on his/her way to work, but he/she comes with a demand for cup of coffee. Therefore she told voice assistant that he/she want a coffee. VA then calculate another route and find the nearest Starbucks, ordering a cup of coffee automatically. When he/she get there, he/she just directly pick up coffee and go to work/study. The problem for commuter to order a coffee while driving is that he/she need to change destination by manipulating on the GPS screen. So it will be pretty dangerous. We design a voice assistant that can receive order automatically without physically adjust on GPS to prevent car accident.
  2. The first problem we encountered is that how to make our car interaction system more effective for commuters. We found that they have pretty similar order of things to do everyday. So the first design of interface is a system with some frequently used application that can arrange themselves in a decreasing order from most frequently used to not quiet used. But still we found this not convenient as users still have to set destination or choose music every time. So i changed my mind by designing different modes, like going to work mode that provides you easiest way to set destination, music and etc…
  3. The reason that i like this project is because i encountered lots of user unfriendly design car carrier system before. Some of them are very complicated that i even do not know how to connect my phone and car via bluetooth. Now this project provide me an opportunity to finally design a user friendly system from my point of view. Even it is not perfect, but i learn a lot from it.
  4. Voice assistant now is a trend for interaction between human and machine. And i believe that this technic will become normal for everyone as artificial intelligence technology matures. For instance, we can see some prototype in movies like iron man. Jarvis who help iron man to deal with tons of things is an perfect example. Recently AlphaGo from Google defeated all top human go players. I think it is the beginning of AI era that will make our society more thrive. What might not be appropriate for it? Probably human will become lazier than before?
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