I’m a Google fanboy, which is why I have an iPhone

A tale as old as smartphones: Apple or Google. Up until the iPhone 6 I never even owned an Apple phone. I was never one to use the term “sheeple” that I hear so often from Google fanboys, but I won’t lie and say that I didn’t quietly enjoy my superiority while using Samsung and Nexus devices. The only reason I ended up switching in the first place was because my Nexus broke and T-Mobile Jump gave me the option of switching phones whenever the hell I wanted. It seemed like a good idea. Get a peek behind enemy lines and see what all the fuss was about. I never switched back.

One reason I never went back to Android is because to some extent I feel like I never left. I’m so tied into the Google ecosystem that if their AI took over the world tomorrow, I’d be Shia LeBouf outrunning a killer drone by lunch time. Everything Google knows about me, from my commute to my favorite sports teams, switched over seamlessly to the iPhone. But that’s basically just Google Now which is on Android too. So why stay on iOS?

As weird as it sounds, the one thing that isn’t on Android is the iPhone.

And Google has made it very clear that they care a lot, and I mean a lot about iPhone users. Not only are all of the Google apps up to date on iOS, they often get updates first. On top of that, two of my favorite new Google apps are iOS only: Motion Stills and Google’s Gboard.

The latter of which was released back in May and promised to be “coming soon” to Android. It’s now August and there’s still no word as to when this powerful keyboard is going to become cross-platform. Just this morning the iOS version got a killer update that includes gif suggestions and a dope dark theme.

On the other hand, it makes sense why Motion Stills would be iPhone only — kind of. Viewing Live Photos on an iPhone is far too difficult, and I mean difficult in the laziest sense of the word. Who the hell wants to hard press on every single picture to watch it move a bit. Live Photos are a great idea, an idea only Apple can come up with. But Apple never thought beyond the idea. Then Google came to save the day with Motion Stills, an app that turns all those lovely Live Photos into moving gifs. Way easier to navigate, way more enjoyable.

What a great app. An app only Google could’ve made.

But Android phones can take rapid fire pictures too can’t they? It requires some quick fingers but it can be done fairly painlessly. Plus they’ve already proven they can automatically turn those photos into gifs via Google Photos. So why not bring Motion Stills to Android? Nope. iOS only.

Can you imagine an Android-only iOS app? I can’t. We can get down into the gritty details of why that is if you really want. We can talk about how Google and Apple make their money (ads vs hardware) and why it benefits Google to know more about iOS users. But I don’t want to. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I don’t care. As a user, I just want the best apps. More specifically, I want the best Google apps. Which is why I have an iPhone.