Guide to Book Uber Cabs with Cabto app

During peak hours or at any situation of urgency it is difficult to get a bus to reach any place in cities. So most people prefer cabs for their transportation as the cab driver knows all the shortcuts in the cities to reach the destination as fast as possible.

While booking cabs it is the wise option to book a cab with low fare. You can check the fares from their official website, but you can’t compare the taxi fares at one place. So we designed an app called Cabto that can help you to compare taxi fares and book cabs.

Cabto App:

Cabto is a taxi fare compare mobile app that was designed specially to compare taxi fares, book cabs and make cab payments via Mobile. You can do all these things in a single screen. With Cabto app you can check the availability of taxis and its fare for all top taxi providers in the markets that includes Meru, OLA, Uber, TaxiforSure, Easycabs and more.

Uber Cab Booking Guide:

To book Uber cabs with the Cabto app, first make sure that the app is installed on your mobile phone.

- Open the Cabto app in your mobile phone, you need not to enter any locations as it comes with automatic location detecting.

- Once opened, it will list all the cabs that are ready to ride in your nearby location.

- Then enter your destination location in the app to find the available taxis (that includes Uber cabs) with their fares to compare it with others.

- Finally book a cab that satisfies your needs.

Cabto app lets you to do all these things in one screen, so there is no need to open various taxi comparison site to compare cab prices.

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