The Democratic Party is in danger of blowing an enormous opportunity while emboldening lawless behavior and inviting more attacks from foreign adversaries. It is crucial that House Democratic leadership, with assistance from Senate Democrats and presidential candidates, announce that they are moving forward with impeachment hearings.

The political risks to doing so espoused by pundits and older Democrats who are unable to view the current situation through any lens that doesn’t include Bill Clinton’s 1990s impeachment trial are vastly outweighed by the risks of doing nothing or being perceived as doing nothing.

Many people in Washington — Democrats, media —…

In the summer of 2017 I traveled to Warsaw with the Atlantic Council for a Town Hall titled “Ballots, Bullies and Bots: Democracy under Attack.”

As we continue to examine a crucial threat to global democracy, and with news of the 13 indictments of Russian Nationals from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, I want to share some thoughts from my 2017 trip.

Starting with a very brief, but essential, context on active measures, followed by a potentially provocative thesis, and a few personal insights into Putin’s intrusion into the 2016 US presidential campaign from my vantage point.

Briefly, Soviet and Russian…

Today, I sent the following letter to voting members of the Democratic National Committee:

Dear DNC Members:

I want to begin by thanking Donna Brazile. Donna has been the heart and soul of the Democratic Party long before she became Interim Chair, and as we contemplate our leadership going forward, I want us to recognize Donna’s decades-long commitment to the Democratic Party and her willingness to go into the ring each day to fight for the issues we all believe in.

It was an honor to serve on Donna’s General Election team, and I want to continue her legacy…

Adam Parkhomenko

Dem Strategist, Consultant, Former DNC Field Director, Political Adviser Hillary Clinton. Dad. Ukrainian-American. Whatever order, son Cameron’s my life.

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