My Mom Wants to Call a Lyft

Have you ever gotten this call from your mom or Aunt Helen: “I forgot how to call a Lyft, can you help me?” It is similar to the call that goes: “My mouse stopped working on the computer,” and it can be infinitely frustrating.

Yesterday when my mother called me in a frenzy over how to ‘call’ a Lyft, I just ordered it for her on my app. Thankfully, Lyft gives me this option.

But wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to actually call to order a Lyft? I get how counterintuitive and obnoxious that might sound, but a lot of Baby Boomers suck at technology. And this can mean a serious time-suck for a lot of their children. Would I pay for the added cost of a service that would allow mom to call for a ride-sharing service? Hell yes.

How would it work? A more tech-savvy user would sign-up their parent, aunt, neighbor with give them access to the end-user’s account, and then provide them with a call-in number of a 24/7 call center that could order the Lyft for them.

I bought while writing this article. was already taken, so are and I am happy to offer to anyone who is actually going to execute on this idea.

Update: The question has come up… Why not just call a cab? I thought the reasons were obvious, but since I respect the source of the query, here goes: 1) ease of payment via credit card — no ‘transaction’ in the car, 2) safety of tracking the ride, 3) operating in an environment where the driver/car are rated, even if not by my mom… douchebags, smelly people and crap cars don’t last long on ride-sharing platforms