4 ways to change it up for 2016

At the end of pretty much every year I face the same dilemmas. I end up doing the same ole “New Years Resolutions” that I never follow up on.

But this time, this new year IS GOING to be different. I came up with 4 short dos/don’ts to possibly save some money, save some time, and maybe, just maybe get some good old-fashioned sense of accomplishment.



  • Don’t! — Run out and get a new gym membership. If you haven’t already been doing much for your physical fitness, why waste the money to go not do much in a gym. Plus it’s gonna be packed (unless everyone reads this)! 😉
  • Do! — Start by doing some stuff at home, for free! There’s no need to spend $25+ per month when we can start with some at-home workouts to get in the good habit of working out and getting in shape in 2016. The best way to be successful at this: schedule a time in your calendar as an appointment for when you’re gonna workout. Then be on time for that appointment and get it done! Need a basic workout? Tweet me @adamrogers808 and I’ll send you a link.


  • Don’t! — get wasted on New Year’s Eve and spend your first hours of 2016 with a hangover. You’ll most likely save money, and will probably be able to remember who you were hanging around. I’m not saying you have to give up drinking, but change it up for once.
  • Do! — spend QUALITY TIME with people you care about if you can. Something we love doing together with friends and family is getting a potluck together and making vision boards for the new year. You may say that sounds lame, but planning and having a goal that’s bigger than a “resolution” where you can look at it on your wall or wherever is such a great feeling. It gives you purpose and a desire to be successful and accomplish new things. Without a vision for where you’re going you’ll just end up being lost and always searching for the next best thing. How about in 2016 we become the next best thing.


  • Don’t — waste so much money on stuff! Like, stop drinking $6 coffee 5 days a week, and eating out for dinner every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Money issues is one of the most stress-related topics, and stress is a no no! Don’t let stress take over anymore. Seriously, we all get stressed, and everyone has things they're working through, and at times its busier than others and you can’t cook, but when you can, do whatever you can to save the extra.
  • Do — Make coffee at home, buy groceries and cook food. Meal prep! It takes time, yes. But it’s worth it for your health and your budget. By years end, coffee alone will save you like, $1,500.


  • Don’t — give up on the goals you may have missed in 2015. If it’s important to you and you have a desire to to see it through, let’s see it through!
  • Do! — Study and read more. If you haven’t begun to read up and study how to accomplish your goals, start! There are so many resources out there. Take time to invest in yourself and get educated for success in 2016. Remember, God gave us two ears and one mouth. Listen and learn and you’ll know when to speak. If you have already started but need new motivation, think about what the carrot is your chasing. Maybe you need to change up some strategy to focus. My biggest move in 2016 is going to be to EXPERIMENT! Try it, fail. Try it again, succeed.


Over all, do things that make you happy. Like, truly happy. Travel ✈️⛴, see a comedian so you can laugh 😂, call your parents ☎️, do yoga 💦, take pictures 📸, write ✍🏼 etc, etc, etc, 👍🏼

Happiness is the key to Happiness.

I hope everyone has a fantastic new year and looking forward to all we're going to get accomplished in 2016.

Stay Blessed!

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