I would have loved to see a before/after stack comparison.
Ray R

Sure — the original model was just Rails/erb for everything. Scss for styles.

On the backend, the end state model will be Rails to handle just the API (and even that…we’ll see) while a node service we build handles page requests and performs server side rendering, delivering the page with HTML streaming.

On the frontend the end state modal will be React with your choice of local state and Redux. Styles are managed with https://github.com/airbnb/react-with-styles.

In the many-year transition between these two, all manner of supporting libraries were introduced, including Alt, underscore/lodash, jQuery, and the like. And quite a few exploratory practices were in place that needed rooting out. In the end, we’ll be back to a clean, consistent approach across the stack.

Does that answer your question?

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