6 Do’s and Don’ts Before a Divorce

Divorces are rarely easy and almost always emotional. Here are 6 do’s and don’ts — rules you should follow to protect yourself and make your divorce as easy as possible.

Don’t Move Out Of Your Home Without Legal Advice. You’re getting divorced and you’d like to close the door on the fussing and emotional tension. Don’t move out! Depending on laws in your state, moving out of your home could hinder your claim for alimony and, even, impact child custody. You may be seen as abandoning your home and your children which will not bode well in the divorce proceeds.

Do Agree To Counseling. You don’t think it will save your marriage and it might not. Counseling will help both you and your soon-to-be-ex understand what went wrong and, possibly, to heal some of the pain. You may learn something important about yourself that will help you build better relationships in the future.

Don’t Get Pregnant. You may have already entered into a new relationship or maybe you had one last intimate moment with the man you’re divorcing. Either way, it’s going to complicate things. Depending on the laws of your state, the child may be considered your husband as the father whether he is or not. It may even cause a delay in getting divorced or an adverse settlement.

Do Protect Your Finances. Before the divorce begins, talk to your lawyer or financial advisor and see what steps you might need to take to protect your finances. You don’t want to find out that your spouse has sold the jewelry or taken the cash. You may want to freeze or close joint credit cards, change the name of the responsible party utility bills or take other actions. Your lawyer can advise you or will probably be able to connect you with a financial advisor. Once the divorce is filed, the lawyer can help by filing a Lis Pendens in the deed office which puts third parties (like your mortgage company) on notice that a lawsuit (your divorce) has been filed. This will prevent the sale of property such as your home.

Don’t Rush To A Settlement — and give up too much in the process. You’re tired of the legal wrangling and you just want to be free. Those are not good reasons for agreeing to a settlement that doesn’t give you everything you deserve. Hang in and let your lawyer work on your behalf to bring you divorce to a fair conclusion.

Do Plan For The Future. You know you want to keep possession of the home — but have you looked at the cost of taxes, maintenance, HOA fees and everything you’ll be responsible to pay? Take a long, hard look at the future. What will you need? What payments will become your responsibility? Have you done the financial planning to know that you can meet all your obligations? Think about it down to the details. If you want the dog, but travel two weeks out of every month, you’re going to have to pay that boarding bill.

The first thing you Do want to do is get the professional help you need. Find an experienced Divorce Lawyer Glendale who understands all the nuances of the divorce laws in your state. Talk to a financial advisor and if you don’t have one, ask your Glendale Family Law Attorney to recommend one. If you need emotional help, go to counseling — even if your almost-ex won’t attend. A counselor can help you deal with your emotions and how to deal with your minor children. All of these professionals will support you to keep your feet on solid ground so you survive your divorce ready and able to start a new future.