How I Got Seth Godin as a Guest on a Podcast I Haven’t Launched Yet

Ever had that night of sleep where you’re so excited you wake up every hour or two and look at the clock? It was like I was a kid again waiting for Christmas morning.

This morning was different. The count down to 9:30am was on; it’s the time I’d be interviewing Seth Godin for a podcast I haven’t even launched yet.

A mix of nerves and excitement ran through me.

For the most part, the nerves were winning in this tug of war. I was amped for this interview. But I felt lost. The time between waking and 9:30am felt like a vacuum.

I didn’t know how to spend my morning. My usual routine became a blur. What do I normally do, do I make breakfast and then tea or is it tea then breakfast? I was hyper aware of every detail.

All I could do was hopelessly watch the seconds drip down the clock.

8:30am. I fired up my laptop got everything set up. Checked the mic. Checked the internet connection. Checked the position of everything. Did that all again three more times.

Now, 8:40. I checked my email. The thought rushing around in my head he’s going to cancel, isn’t he? I could see the message “sorry Adam, things cropped up and I need to cancel our podcast interview today.” It’s not here yet, that must be an error.

I clicked Gmail’s refresh arrow. Still not here. 8:41am.

Time continues to crawl.

I check more emails. Check Slack. Read disregarded Slack channels I can never keep up with. 234 New message since 12:48pm on August 2017. What? How much is there to say about food?

8:50am. Ok. Now my resting heart rate is 120bpm. Let’s go lay in a dark room and practice some deep breathing.

Now 9:05am. But I’d gotten to the other side of 9am and things began to calm. I was a feeling a little more composed and ready. I practiced my intro out loud. “Seth Godin is the author of 18 international bestselling books…”

Yep. Out of my depth. He’s doing me a favor, this is charity work for him.

I practiced all of my questions. Tweaking words here and there. Adding in how I imagined I would say it because I knew I was going to freeze up. Seth is an inspiration to me. Linchpin and his freelancer course on Udemy are the whole reason I switched careers.

I must have read my questions 4–5 times. Reordered one or two. Then put them back. Then switched them out again. It was 9:20am. It was time to check my email inbox once more for a cancelation email. If it wasn’t there, I’d go and hang out in the Zoom and wait patiently.

No email. In I go.

9:25am I wait. I turn on my camera so he knows I’m there when he arrives. The mirror image stares back at me. Fuck I forgot to do my hair. He’s going to think I just crawled out of bed. I turn up the volume to full. I run to bathroom sort it out.

I hear some moving around.

Shit! I’m keeping him waiting.

I run back. A door slams. Just a neighbor leaving the main entrance of my apartment. The loud twats.

I take my seat. Wait patiently.

9:32am. The Zoom jingle rings, and “Seth Godin” is written in big letters across the background.

He begins talking but there’s no video his end.

In a split second I’ve reasoned with myself that it’s not him until he turns on his camera.

Hey Adam, this is an audio thing right? Do I need the camera?
Yes, it’s audio only. We can do it without the camera if you like?
No, camera’s fine. Let me just turn that on.

Fuck. It is actually him. I’m interviewing Seth Godin.

So how did I get here? How did a nobody like me end up interviewing Seth Godin for a podcast I haven’t launched yet?

Two components: Luck and I used his language.

1. The first part is going to annoy you, but it was luck.

I won’t say it’s as far as, out of 100 podcast pitches he received, it was mine he picked to be interviewed on. It was a little bit more my pitch came at the right time.

Seth has something new coming out in November and my podcast’s positioning happened to be complementary to what he’s launching. The right audience with a similar marketing philosophy.

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2. Using Seth’s language.

When I pitched Seth to be on the podcast, I started by saying thank you for his work.

It’s true, his work gave me the guts to change career. He showed me that there was another way. I dread to think what if I hadn’t stumbled across Linchpin or his freelancer course. Where would I be now, what would my career look like? Who knows.

Everything I opted for, my subject line, the language in my email was all his language. It’s the way he talks about marketing and the market. It was a truly personal pitch.

Honestly that’s it. I don’t think one component was critical over the other. They worked in tandem.

That’s probably frustrating to read; that there’s no secret handshake or a method to hack your way towards your goal.

But it served me a lesson and I hope you take this away as well: Take bigger risks, reach for what’s outside of your comfort zone, and try things that scare you.

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