“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Leadership is desired. Often we realized the gravity of leadership when we see things go wrong. The world wants and needs leaders. If we truly think about leadership, we all desire to be led.

Whether we think so or not, we as Christians have influence. Influence does not know stagnancy. Influence is either intentionally channeled or allowed to fulfill it’s own desire. Most of the time unintentional influence turns into negative influence.

The world needs your fullest leadership potential. Steward your influence to make an impact on this world. Do not succumb to the status quo. Progress was never made on accident.

We must continually ask ourselves “What kind of leader am I becoming?”

Begin working towards that today. Invest in yourself (put in), what you want to live out. Some of the most aspiring and passionate leaders are great leaders because they’ve learned to be great followers of Jesus.

Lead boldy. Lead couregeously. Lead faithfully.

Lead passionately. Lead humbly. Lead wisely.

Lead the change you want to see.