It’s Time to Close State Borders

Immigration restrictionists have finally convinced me that their arguments are sound. So let’s stop half-assing it.

Do you lock your doors at night? I bet you do. Why should we let people from other states come waltzing right through our state? How many WASPs fresh out of grad school looking for work do you have on your couch?

Do we want more immigrants or more jobs for our kids? Why should job stealing politicians like Bernie Sanders be allowed to move from New York to Vermont and run for Senate? Shouldn’t that job go to some kid from Vermont?

Look at all these people exploiting the system to make more money, moving from one state to another for work. These are economic migrants, not refugees. What did Florida ever do to New York to obligate it to take in all these people?

They’re not sending their best. Have you seen the murder rates in Louisiana and Missouri? Under no circumstances can we risk people from those states being allowed to move into our state without extreme vetting and a border wall.

Also, need I point out that most of those murderers are Christians? So limiting immigration from a couple Christian states isn’t good enough. We need a complete and total shutdown of Christians moving from state to state or county to county. If we really want to be safe, we shouldn’t even let them out of their neighborhoods.

After all, letting dangerous people like that buy the house next to me isn’t “freedom,” it’s forced integration. I agreed to live next to people like me, from Texas and Oklahoma, not somebody from Missouri. That’s not even a real state.

I’m not saying I hate people from Louisiana. On the contrary, I love them. My best friend is from Louisiana. I’m just saying they should stay where they are and fix the place they live rather than coming here and turning it into the place they left.

I don’t blame the immigrants, really. It’s the central planners and globalists who profit from this. I mean we absolutely have to stop the immigrants, but it’s not their fault they’re attracted to the bug light of Soros to leave their homes and come here. Who benefits when Americans are free to live wherever they want to work? The elites, that’s who.

After all, a state without borders isn’t a state.

So open state borders isn’t a solution, it’s a gimmick. A Koch Brothers gimmick to destroy the workers who already live here by importing cheap labor from other states.

We need to stop the flow of labor competition and then we need to cut the unregulated trade. I want fair trade. If you’re in Mississippi and you’re making $7.25 an hour then we’re not going to trade with you. It’s not fair to make our workers in New York compete with that.

Send them back.