Comparing Oxford Dress Shoes — Brown and Burgundy

Now that I’ve had a chance to review a Scarosso Oxford, I’m leaning against New Republic Man (NRM) for dress shoes, and only going to stick with them for casual shoes in the future. After writing several blogs here on the topic of shoes, I think NRM may be the best deal for casual shoes under $100, and Scarosso for mid-range dress shoes in the $200 to $300 price range.

Below are four oxfords I’m currently considering:

I’ve immediately ruled out the low-budget NRM Elwood Cap Toe. It’s just a little too much on the low-end, and it simply makes a lot more sense to invest in a higher quality shoe.

Moving clockwise from the eliminated NRM, we have the Sordi Marrone, a dark brown calf leather oxford, the Giove Marrone, a dark brown calf leather cap-toe, and last we have the Ludovico, a bordeaux (burgundy) leather calf as a whole cut oxford.

When it comes to dress shoes, I’m anti-brogue, anti-wingtip, anti-derby, and anti-two-tone. Hence, I like to stick with the oxford cap toe, and sometimes plain toes. If you’re a fashionable person, you want a nice pair of shoes, but you don’t want something too busy to draw attention away from the rest of your clothes and style. I’m sure others have their personal views and tastes on this, but for me, I like to keep the frills on shoes to a minimum.

I’m probably going to go with the Ludovico as I’d like to have a burgundy shoe in my collection to wear with maroon shirts and a unique color shoe. The Gentleman’s Gazette recommends against getting the same shoe in a different color, or similar shoe of the same brand, because it makes it more difficult to diversify one’s shoe collection. So, while the other two brown calf leather Scarosso oxfords are nice, my preference is towards the Luduvico.

More information about Scarosso may be found here: