If you don’t follow the Dolphins/NFL this may come as a surprise to you. For transparency, I’m not a Dolphins fan in any sense (#flyeaglesfly), but did get an inside look at their work while I was working at VaynerMedia.

Miami works within the insane regulations demanded by Dictator Goodell, yet has done an outstanding cultivating an extraordinary experience for fans off the field.

Let’s begin with their tiny house activation. Last season, the Dolphins purchased a Tiny Home in partnership with Bud Light. The Tiny Home served as a tailgate spot for select as well as a site to find former players, personalities, and cheerleaders before games.

Additionally, the episodic content produced by the team has been outstanding. Series like “Dolphins Daily” and “The Grind” bring high-quality video content to fans in their social feed, and have drawn praise and awareness from around the country. One short film in particular brought the story of a fan’s dream being fulfilled to life in an emotional documentary you can see here.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

The simplicity and brilliance of the Dolphins content is particularly impressive when you consider the ever-increasing restrictions the league has on team’s ability to create content and engage with fans. I’d love to see what they’re able to do if unshackled from the asinine regulations enforced by the league.

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This is Part 2 of 3 for our “preseason” franchise content production rankings. Read Part 1 HERE. Check back for the top team on Friday!

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