The concepts of right and wrong once you remove morality and religion and ethics from the debate…
Theodore M. Seeber

I see what you’re doing, playing devil’s advocate about the lack or removal of morality and ethics in our society. However, the original post never stated that moral relativism is ok or correct. It was all about sexual harassment and it’s presence in and damage to academia. I agree with you that moral relativism is incorrect and we need strong ethics, but changing societal mores doesn’t mean moral relativism, and if *you* think something is morally wrong doesn’t mean it’s absolutely morally wrong or ethically wrong.

I can’t understand how you can equate women’s rights and same-sex activity/marriage with harassment and abuse. Women shouldn’t have a choice in how to live their own lives? Should they only live the way you want them to? And Same-sex relationships? You’ve already stated you think it’s dehumanizing, so you don’t need to further your viewpoint. Human rights should belong to all, not just the *correct* ones. That’s the points of rights: they aren’t handed out but are implicit. It’s not moral relativism to boil everything down to “harm to others”. To live in a pluralistic society that isn’t authoritarian or despotic you have to allow others to live in ways you may not agree with, as long as they don’t cause harm to others. That’s the baseline, the minimum for a functioning society. And with a cross in your avatar I ask you: where is your Christ-commanded love for others when you demean and dehumanize the way you have here?

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