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Why you’re not a digital superstar

This is a continuation of the thoughts on creativity I first laid out in this post last month.

There’s no shortage of books, blogs and courses out there teaching you how to become a better writer, photographer, filmmaker, designer. I’ve read them all — and I’ve even written a few.

How to make anything fascinating

A demonstration of how careful storytelling can make education, journalism and information more compelling.

Storytelling, once all the pretentiousness has been stripped away, is little more than information dispensing.

A story is a vehicle for dispensing units of information from one mind to another…

But the old advertising model only works for established players. Big audiences do not happen overnight, they take years of hard work to build up. (And it’s during these years that a writer/actor/director concentrates on getting very good at what they do.)

A year of reading thought provoking books

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One of the big resolutions I made a year ago (that has actually worked!) was to read more books.

Publications edited by AdamWestbrook

A place for unconventional left-field ideas, that are so crazy, simple and brilliant they just might work…

On the craft of storytelling to make complex ideas fascinating

Short essays about making and publishing things online

Breaking open the Magic Box

Who are the pioneers turning online video into art?

“What a grand invention it would be if someone could make a magic box…

Storytelling doesn’t need reinventing

There’s this idea going around at the moment that storytelling needs reinvention.

It’s born out of a very honest concern: that our storytelling isn’t very good and not in tune with a changing world. This is a valid worry. There are fewer genuine craftspeople, a weakness towards instant gratification and a worrying lack of empathy.

On the shoulders of giants

Time spent in the company of great minds

It all started the day Jonathan Fields took me aside and suggested that I vividly imagine what failure would look like if I quit my job. I tried it out, and a month later I handed in my notice.

Shortly afterwards Tim Ferris told me that doing the unrealistic thing is easier than…

Illustration vs Visualisation

An important distinction in visual storytelling

This is something I think about a lot in my work making complex ideas fascinating for

The challenge is to convey an idea not just simply, but through the essential nature of the medium.

My free degree 

How I hacked my education and earned money learning a vital new skill

I’ve noticed something strange about myself recently.