2016 Apps you should use

There used to be a time to be a time when we called software as programs. New days everything is an app thanks to the popularity of mobile operating systems mainly IOS. 2016 is here and so is new habits and new year resolutions, so why should our technology usage be out of the picture especially that we tend to depend on it more as the years go by? Bellow is a simple list I put together as my tech side new year resolution.


Before Evernote, taking notes were unnecessary complicated or simply lacked the necessary tools that make a note taking app. Emailing yourself notes created more problems than they solved, that was until Evernote was launched.

Taking notes is now easier than ever and greatly improved my professional and personal life. Got a new idea? Type it down. Saw something inspirational? Snap a picture. Have too many work passwords to remember? Note them down. The free account gives you all the features you need as well as upgrade options starting from just $3 per month with more features. I been using Evernote since 2012 and the more you use it the greater you start to appreciate it. Yes, there are other note-taking apps like Google’s keep as well as Microsoft’s Onenote but nothing comes close to Evernote. I highly recommend starting using this app for your daily life and maybe upgrade along the way. You can export your notes at any time so don’t worry if you decided to switch.

The mobile version of both IOS and Android as well as the rest mobile OSs work perfectly as you would expect. Quick note taking is there for you to access it anytime via a widget.

Google Docs

Google Docs give you simple, distraction free office tools to save to Google Drive or download locally. If you need to write a quick project and even share it with another user you can simply do so via Google Docs. Microsoft’s Office Online is a reliable alternative should you wish to edit more complicated documents -see below-.

Office 365

Who hasn’t used Microsoft Office at some point during their lives can throw the first stone? Writing professional documents and editing your resume is done using Office, that’s that. Office used to be little pricey for the average person but not anymore, for now, you have two choices; buy or rent.

Office 2016 is the newest update to Microsoft’s famous office suite as a one-time payment purchase that goes for $149.99 for a single PC use. Office 365on the other hand goes for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year for up to 5 PCs/Macs plus tablets and phones. But that’s not all, apart from receiving new features as they become available you also get a couple sweet extras that you can’t simply ignore including 1 TB of space (each user) for Onedrive as well as free Skype minutes and a full version of Office online.

The end answer is up to you, for me going with Office 365 is a better dealing as having 1 TB of upload space that enough to backup my pictures for up to 5 years or more plus the extras. Plus you can cancel anytime should you go with monthly payments.


Dropbox is the pioneer of file syncing and backing up to the cloud and for a good reason. It is best, smooth backing up service/app ever created. The sync and upload feature is by the smoothest and fastest and that’s what sets it apart. Set it and forget it as it uploads your mobile photos and any file you need to the cloud keep it safe for you to download and view when you needed. Backing up family resumes, photos and other important files is what I use it for. The free account gives you 2 GB of free space that you can increase by inviting others (max 18 GB) or simply subscribing for 1 TB of space for only $10 a month. Try it, there is a reason its top dog.

Technology is getting more advanced as we speak yet many still think of our smartphones as a way to check out social media and photograph our food. Use technology to make your life better as it was originally intended. Talk to ya in the next article.

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