Five Search Engine Optimization Tips for the Real Estate Sector

Business strategy consultant Adam Drybrough provides real estate developers and landowners with a range of services regarding business development, strategic planning, and digital marketing. Additionally, Adam Drybrough’s services also include search engine optimization (SEO). The following list consists of SEO tips for the real estate sector.

1. Use local keyword phrases. Approximately 69 percent of individuals searching for homes or real estate agents online begin their search with a keyword such as “Realtor,” followed by the name of their city. Other phrases may include “home for sale” or “real estate listing.” Make sure you incorporate these phrases alongside the cities or regions you serve.

2. Conduct keyword research. Conducting keyword research can help you understand your audience and provide insight on the most commonly searched keywords by customers. Keywords play a major role in determining which customers can find your business using a search engine, so learn as much as you can.

3. Learn to differentiate local vs. national SEO. Local and national SEO overlap in numerous ways, however, local SEO consists of a few distinguishing elements. Local SEO takes into account addresses and phones numbers, making the presence of these items vital to SEO for your web content. Furthermore, local SEO often takes customer reviews into account.

4. Consider keyword percentage and placement. For best results, SEO professionals recommend ensuring that keywords consistently appear in five places: the page title, image titles, image alt tags, the URL, and within the page itself. Take care not to overuse keywords.

5. Create quality content. Blog posts and landing pages that target specific keywords will compete for higher placement on a search results list. Exceptional content is crucial to standing out from competitors.

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