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Henri Matisse at work on his Cut-Outs at his home in Nice, 1953

Are ‘swiftness and spontaneity’ still precious values after the advent of complex back-lit fields and facia like the app?

I can’t escape the feeling that, as a designer, it is of chief importance for me to be able to get as close to creation via pure thought as possible — that the more barriers to free play, or ‘drag ‘n drop’, there are, the less creative I am able to be.

But speed and spontaneity in creative practices are in fact exclusively modern values. Indeed, for many thousands of years artists, designers and makers harboured far fewer — if any — of the creative principals, techniques and values found in today’s (or yesterday’s) studios.

Could T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland have been conceived in 1922 without the instant effective publication offered by the typewriter? …


Adam J Keefe

Writer | Graphic designer

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