Breast Augmentation: Not Just For The Rich And Famous

Despite the fact that breast augmentation surgery is a very safe procedure for the vast majority of women, and that in fact any woman, not just starlets and supermodels are welcome in the local plastic surgeon’s office, some women dream of this procedure for years and never act on their desire to have it done. With lower costs and better options, now is the time to move forward for your plastic surgery needs says Dr. William Adams of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Breast Augmentation Overview

Every year over 300,000 women in the United States have breast augmentation surgery making it the most common plastic surgery procedure. It is an elective procedure that generally has a short recovery time. Most women will be able to go home the same day they have surgery, return to work within a few days, and resume all normal activities within several weeks. Sometimes women have a breast lift at the same time as they have breast augmentation. Where deemed medically safe, this can save money and result in one period of recovery to address two concerns.

Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is virtually never covered by insurance. It is regarded as a strictly cosmetic procedure. Financing is available. Typically surgeon’s fees are in the $3500 to $4500 range. There are usually other costs for anesthesia, prescriptions, and supplies such as a special support garment.

Preparing For Surgery

When you meet with the surgeon be sure to discuss any chronic health conditions and any difficulties with any previous surgeries. A few conditions make breast augmentation more risky and should be carefully considered before having any elective procedure. Poorly managed diabetes, an autoimmune disease, and a history of blood clots are a few examples of conditions that increase your risk of complications.

If possible have someone stay overnight the day of your surgery. Be prepared with things such as Sprite and light, easily digestible foods in case you don’t feel well for a day or two.

It will be helpful to have taken care of laundry, grocery shopping, and getting refills of any regular medications before your procedure.

Reduce stress after your surgery by arranging for adequate time off work for recovery in advance. Make sure to get your medical note for time off before the procedure.

If you have children or pets arrange for help with those for at least the first day or two. You may not feel like being up and around.

In Conclusion

There are a few common misperceptions about breast augmentation surgery. One of them is that breast augmentation is not for regular people. In truth women from all demographic groups have breast augmentation procedures every year. Most of them are not famous. Another misconception is that the procedure is extremely expensive. To put the cost of a breast augmentation in perspective, it is about one-third the cost of a new economy car. And it will probably last you longer. Finally people think that information about breast augmentation is some sort of secret. That simply isn’t the case.

If you’ve been thinking about breast augmentation surgery there is no reason not to call for a totally free consultation. The best reason to have breast augmentation surgery is to feel better about yourself. Most women find they are happy with the results and have a new sense of self confidence.