Why a longtime iPhone user switched to Android

When Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone in 2007, I was really excited. The introduction of iPhone to the phone industry of 2007 was like a sudden lightning flashed brightly in the night sky. Since then, I had used every single generation of this revolutionary phone.

However, the excitement faded over the years. When Apple released iOS 7 with the philosophy of Flat Design, I was not impressed. It’s beautiful, but not impressed. Moreover, even with the brand new iOS 8, you still cannot place the icons wherever you want on the screen.

After years with iPhone, I simply became tired of all kinds of limitations of iOS and decided to try something new.

Last Friday, September 12, 2014, was the date iPhone 6 pre-order started. My friend ordered the iPhone 6 Plus in the midnight and I bought an LG G3 in the morning. It is my very first Android smartphone.

This short piece of writing ends here, but my journey with Android has just started!

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