My Thoughts on Atlas Shrugged: Part One Chapter -I

The chapter talks about the decline in the economy of the United State which leads to low productions and closing of industries. Workers are losing their jobs and the rate of unemployment is increasing. Literature as said, “is a mirror” that reflects the image of the society. It could be the past, present or future. It perfectly describe the present or immediate past economic situation of Nigeria. Even though the country was officially out of the recession, many citizens are still suffering because of the economic situation. Unemployment is everywhere and industries closing. 
The mysterious unanswered question “WHO IS JONH GALT” which is seen as the cause of all the problems may be ascribe as Nigeria’s major problem termed as CORRUPTION and bad leadership. Many people believed that eliminating corruption in Nigeria is impossible. Despite this, there are some people like Eddie Willers and Dagny Taggart who are determined to solve the problem. The mysterious quitting and disappearance of professionals and destructive policies which disturbed Dagny Taggart portrays the numerous obstacles that stands between the people fighting to end corruption and those benefitting from it. They make policies and laws that will favor them at all course. Once you are in the system, you either join them or they eliminate you. 
The chapter shows clash of ideology between capitalist Dagny and her socialist brother Jim who believe that “there are important things in life than making money”. This also represent the differences of interest in Nigeria where some leaders are purely capitalist while others believed in serving the interest of people. 
The chapter also shows how brave, determined, skilled and experienced Dagny is in approaching and solving problems. This was first demonstrated by her when the train jolted with the red light signal. After a few inquiry, she ordered “proceed with caution to the next signal. If it’s in order, proceed to the main track. Then stop at the first open station”. Secondly, during her meeting with her brother on the order of Rearden Steel. Jim objected about it, she said “call Rearden and cancel it”. Nigerian leaders are very reluctant and undetermined in approaching problems until they are out of control. Some issues that needs urgent attention may be left with a committee for a long time, while the findings swept under the carpet without implementation. Again, sometimes office holders are not left to take decision on their own. They encounter many interference from the authority. That is why some individuals gives conditions before assuming public offices to avoid such.


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