Road To Be A Manager

This is my first entry to this Medium. Currently i’m a manager an amatuer club called Homies F.C. My player basicly are from my collegue friends. So far we managed to be Champion in 9 side tournament twice. For me the reason i become manager are to learn something from them and to experiment my view in tactical. At first, I oftenly used 1 striker before this but the result are quiet dissapointing. Lacked of creativity from midfielder to create chance make my tactical look bad. My striker also didn’t have enough support at front so that whenever he get the ball he always lost it in a second. My wingman also didn’t play with their best because they rarely get the ball. So from that match something from this tactical.

From my opinion to play with single striker, you must have very great midfielder with great creativity and support to other position. You can play with flank if you have winger with high speed and good crossing but you must have midfielder who can make pass through Centre Back(CB) and Right/Left Back. Arsenal,Tottenham Spurs,Atheltico Madrid,Schalke 04,Real Madrid and Barcelona are oftenly used this type of tactical. You at least need a striker who can hold the ball to distract Defender. Usually this type of formation make midfielder score more goal compare to striker who always can make assist. Diego Costa,Falcao,Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Luis Suarez are example who are very good to play with single striker. They can play the ball and can score and be a targetman in the team. If they do not score they will at least assist to their member of the team.

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