Eye Can See You!

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Imagine a hypothetical Room seating all the Top Notch Government Leaders, Diplomats, Financial Giants, Pop Cult Celebs, Philosophers, Scientists, Lawyers, Ethnic Leaders, and Dan Bilzerian, controlling the very life of each and every world citizen through the immense influence and insightful information they have? Yes, if you’re a fan of conspiracy theories and Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, then you might have guessed it that I’m referring to the elitist and the most successful secret society which the World refers to as ‘The Order of the Illuminati’ or The Order of Perfectibilists or simply ‘Illuminati’.

Setup in the late 17th century by Johann Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria, Germany and remained operational for just 9 years, after which it was officially ceased, the society is still held responsible for influencing key World Events and shaping World Economies.

Amongst all the conspiracy theories linked to Illuminati akin to the assassination of JFK, attack of 9/11, the French Revolution, Battle of Waterloo, the most controversial is its role in Renaissance, and leading the world from the Renaissance to the 19th century. Both Renaissance and Illuminati held similar ideologies and were involved in bringing a sense of enlightenment among the common masses, with tools like education, literature, art and music. It is believed that much of the finances provided to the artisans, scholars, painters, craftsmen during the Renaissance age find their way to the Illuminati and that the secret society was the core backbone of the Age of Enlightenment in Europe. As Renaissance ideas found their way to the rest of the World, ideas controlled by the Illuminati infiltrated the minds of commons, regarding the existing dominant system of Power, shared by Democracy, Communism and Capitalism.

The single most significant incident which demonstrate the power of the Illuminati is that the American Declaration for Independence was signed just after 2 months of the inception of the secret society. The American Seal, National Security Agency, the Pentagon, and even the National Treasury is full of Illuminati members — which is clear from the symbols they carry — the All-Seeing Eye. One Dollar Bill of the USA contains image of a floating ‘All Seeing Eye’ atop a Broken Pyramid, which is the most widely recognised trademark of the Illuminati, among other which include The Pyramid, The Eagle, The Owl of the Minerva, Lightning Bolt, Satanic 666, Baphomet, The V sign et cetera. Since 1935, the United States one dollar bill has read, ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ which is Latin for ‘New World Order’, whose establishment is the sole ideology of the Illuminati.

In the recent times, the awareness regarding existence of a secret group ‘Illuminati’ has lead pace mainly after the release of the Illuminatous! Trilogy in 1975. Since then, much of the entertainment, novel and music industry have direct or indirect references to the Illuminati, including Hollywood movies like Tomb Raider, Games like GTA V, Deus Ex, several Steve Jackson games, TV series like Simpsons, Mr Robot’s reference to a secret group which control much of the World’s finance, and the likes.

If all good is being talked about Illuminati over their demand to knock off the existing government system and bring equality among the masses, then why are they considered Satanic? Well, the reason is obvious. Most of the Financial and Law making bodies have direct control by the Illuminati. Laws can change magically without the public noticing and the FDA in America can approve any chemical even if it gets rejected in other countries, like Europe for instance. They’re not even afraid to place chemicals in our food, body care products, and house cleaning products, which negatively affects the growth and development of our brains. Combine that with their greatest psychological warfare weapon of all time — the Television. Whether you want to believe it or not, the CIA realizes the truth of what this device does to the human mind.. Studies have shown that after less than one minute of us watching TV, our brain switches from beta level consciousness (associated with active and logical thought) to alpha level consciousness (associated with passive acceptance and suggestibility, similar to when we first wake up). This is why sometimes we feel addicted to watching TV, and why little children become obsessed when they see the newest toy commercials.

This is why major advertising companies have no problem spending billions of dollars a year on commercials and product placement within TV show as they simply know the kinds of results it gets. Not to mention how subliminal messages are still being used today. They are unrecognizable by our conscious mind, but passively absorbed and stored into our subconscious mind. Social media is the new platform responsible for spread of Illuminati ideas, which makes the common masses focus on irrelevant stuff more, and making them blind enough or ignorant so that they cannot see the Big Picture.

Adding the fact that the Illuminati fund our education system. This is how our society ends up with tons and tons of 9–5 working drones. 8 hours sleep, 8 hours work, 8 hours play. No one ever stops for a moment and asks, ‘Is this really the best I could be doing?’ until we feel it’s too late because we’re too old now.

Now you know why billions of dollars of propaganda money is spent on dumbing down society, controlling: food, education, news, etc. (I won’t even get into how most of the medical schools in World are highly funded, and hence influenced, by people with their money vested in certain big-time medicine companies. i.e. Big Pharma). But of course, the opposite is just as true. If we educate ourselves and fill our hearts with only love for one another, we will break free.

The Illuminati is making the world population distracted, unconcerned and ignorant about what happens within Government and Financial Institutions. They accomplish this by making us more concerned about celebrities than our own families, thanks to the News and Media. Many celebrities like Madonna, Beyonce (who accepted to be a part of the Illuminati at Oprah Winfrey show), Jay Z, Lady Gaga, Obama, the Pope are alleged members of the Illuminati. A further insight can be found from the 2012 Denver Airport incident, which is supposed to be the Headquarters of the Secret Society.

The Illuminati are all around us. They move in day light. They control our lives (read — mind) through money, media and resources. Secret conspiracies are everywhere. First they provide you, then they make you love them, then you become ignorant and finally, They win. Whether you’re reading this article or researching about them over the Internet or wearing an Illuminati T Shirt or just uploading an One Eyed selfie over social media. Beware. They are Watching!

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