We Launched An Insanely Powerful HTML5 Animation Software for Digital Advertising

Anticipating the breakup between digital advertising and Flash, we knew it would need to be replaced. So, we set out to build its successor: a tool made specifically for creating rich, interactive HTML5 ads.
Buzz, Rob and Rob — Co-Founders of Adcade

No big deal but after 4 years in the making, EPOCH HAS LAUNCHED and is now publicly available to download HERE!

Epoch allows designers and developers to easily build, design, animate and publish multi-screen HTML5 ads. Brands, agencies, and publishers can now quickly produce digital ads built to run on any screen, any device, and with any ad server. With our tool, digital ad builders no longer need to worry about whether or not their ideas will come to life on any screen and can get back to focusing on being creative!

Highlighted below are just a few new features, but we encourage you to check out our website to learn more!

A New Yet Familiar Interface

Epoch offers a beautifully designed interface that is easy to use. Create functions and assign animation to layers on the timeline in minutes. No code knowledge is needed to create an ad, but you can extend functionality with the Code Editor.

Quickly Convert Photoshop Assets to HTML5

Epoch also comes with a Photoshop plugin, called LightSpeed™. This extension saves you time by converting your PSDs directly to an Epoch project, including assets, code, and interactive functionality. With the use of robust layer comps, advanced Photoshop users will have the ability to export actions and animations into Epoch to instantly create fully functional HTML5 ads pre-built and ready to publish. That’s right, you can now build HTML5 ads directly in Photoshop by exporting them to Epoch!

Live Preview On Any Screen While You Build

One of the most innovative features of Epoch is how it efficiently transforms the entire ad building workflow—which you can see here. With Epoch ad builders can review and QA ads while they work with real time previewing. Now ad building teams can save time by collaboratively broadcasting projects with each other to test cross-screen functionality and make fixes on the fly.

Integrated with any ad server

Publishing campaigns just got a lot easier. Epoch can export packaged .zip “bundles” for Facebook Atlas, Google DCM, Google AdWords, and Sizmek Standard ad serving. DoubleClick Studio and Sizmek Rich server integrations are also currently in beta, with more integrations on the way!

HTML5 Coding Optimized for Digital Ads

Epoch is inherently design-focused, but developers are also able to easily build ads from scratch using code. Our framework is built on top of an API that is optimized specifically for digital advertising called AdScript™.

AdScript is a JavaScript API that allows developers to easily code in HTML5, allowing them to produce pixel-perfect multi-screen ads with a simple object-oriented syntax. It reads like plain english and excludes unnecessary HTML5 libraries to significantly reduce project file size. So if JavaScript is more your thing, JS developers can extend and add functionality to their projects by using Epoch’s built in Code Editor.

Extensive Documentation

The More You Know! Visit help.adcade.com for our extensive knowledge base and tutorials.

Our Help Center is fully loaded with help videos, step-by-step guides and in-app chat! Take advantage of the in-depth tutorials within our video library to easily get the most out of your Epoch ad building experience.

It’s been a jam-packed productive four years and we know, with this first version of Epoch, we’re only scratching the surface. We still have a lot to learn and who better to learn from than you! We would love to hear your thoughts, so if you find Epoch valuable please share and help us spread the word by jumping in the conversation on Product Hunt or sharing our feature in TechCrunch.

We look forward to having you onboard!

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