Are you lost in your own pity party?

Often we need to feel that we have to tell other people ‘our’ story. This could be to put the spotlight on ourselves or to continue the ‘pity party’.

When we undertake this action we can find that it gives us the reaction we were seeking and that is for people to stop and take notice.

Be careful though as the ones who stop and take notice you may find want someone else to listen to their ‘pity party’ – – what this does is it continues the wave or emotional distress you already feel. This could even create a tsunami of emotions that you weren’t willing to face.

Instead of continuing the wave or even creating the wave it’s important to S-T-O-P and listen to your gut. Is your gut still and allowing you to speak or is it tight sending you the message to stop make peace and start to float ❤️

it’s important to S-T-O-P and listen to your gut

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