You can fix it

This week my diary was fully booked with many people seeking RELATIONSHIP mediumship readings.

One of the appointments today involved a beautiful connection in which a wife wanted to know about her marriage.

I wanted to share some aspects of the reading as many of us can indeed relate to these issues at one time or another.

Immediately I was drawn to her dumbing herself down. A highly intelligent woman trying to hide her intelligence. When we hide who we are we end up truly shrinking ourselves. We are not here to dull our light, as eventually we feel like we become ‘dim’. We need to truly and honestly own who we are. When we do own who we are it sends the universe the sign that we indeed fully have faith in ourselves.

Another aspect of the reading that was highlighted was her throat chakra. Spirit allowed me to feel the chakra and immediately I had a sore throat. It was confirmed by the wife that “yes”, her throat is and can be sore. When the throat chakra is not working as it should. it can block us from communicating effectively. Communication is key and powerful to any relationship. I won’t divulge what was discussed, but merely to explain that chakras can indeed affect our relationships if not honoured.

As a medium I connect either to deceased friends or family or guides to receive the information. This reading was made extra special by her father in spirit who stepped forward in truth and love offering her guidance for her relationship. Her father had gentle energy and his words “you can fix it” was confidently spoken. I’m sure these words held so much power allowing his daughter to have a smile and faith knowing that with a few tweaks her relationship will indeed become stronger.

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