How Black America Failed Kendrick Lamar Part 2

Chapter 2: Our True Purpose

A black protester raising the “Black Power Fist” during the 2015 Baltimore Rebellion ( AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
“If the churches took half the money that they was making and gave it back to the community we’d be alright. If they take half the buildings they use to praise God and gave it to motherfuckers who need God we’d be alright. We’d be alright. Have you seen some of these God damn churches lately? There’s ones that take up the whole block in New York. There’s homeless people out here. Why ain’t God letting them stay there? Why these niggas got gold ceilings and shit? Why God need gold ceilings to talk to me? Why do God need colored windows to talk to me?”
- Tupac Shakur
Joel Olsteen’s mega-church in Lakewood, Texas

WARNING : Part 2 is very..very Christian based. If you do not consider yourself a Christian feel free to simply view this as a “concept.”

As you learned in Part 1, Kendrick Lamar and the abundance of evidence shows that the Israelites of the Bible were black. In October of 2016, is when I first heard of the Black Israelite concept that Kendrick Lamar used in his album, DAMN. This concept was introduced to me by a good friend. I thought it was another one of those conspiracy theories so I didn’t really take it seriously at first. She shared it with me because she noticed my anger and frustration with the frequency of blacks getting killed by police, and other injustices blacks faced and still face. This was a month before the presidential election. Both candidates running for president were both racists in my eyes. Donald Trump pandered to white supremacists by inciting ignorance and bigotry, and Hillary Clinton pandered to white supremacists by accepting private donations from Private Prisons. (If mass incarcerations and the prison industrial complex are the modern-day slavery, then Hillary Clinton participated in the slave trade. Last time I checked, there is no such thing as a good slave trader or owner.) Not just blacks, but as a whole, most of America felt “trapped.”

Also during this same time, I came to the “conclusion” that the Bible, Jesus, and Christianity was a fictional teaching, that was forced on Blacks during slavery. A big part of my conclusion was the false teachings of “mainstream Christianity.” I believed that any black person who was a Christian was an “Uncle Tom.” One year later, after the passing of my mother and my aunt , as well as other “divine interventions”….. I am a believer in Jesus Christ. In other words, starting in the winter of 2017, as I began to open my heart to the Bible again, some spooky spooky events started happening in my life that I knew were not coincidences lol. These mysterious events had to have come from GOD. Turning back to God and the Bible was by far the best decision I have ever made in my life. No I didn’t become a instant millionaire or anything lol, but as somebody who has struggled with an anxiety disorder called OCD since I was 9 years old, it has given me a peace of mind, that I have never experienced.

As I began to research and see the evidence, I now truly believe my friend who told me that black people are the Israelites of the Bible. I know.. it sounds insane. To anybody that has never heard of this belief or never truly studied the bible in depth, it sounds like an “Afro-centrist Conspiracy Theory.” In a society where racism has dominated the education system and the church for centuries, most people believe that Jesus was white. People believe Jesus was white, simply because they were taught that. The only problem is, there is little evidence to back up the claim that Jesus and his nation of people from Israel were white. This is not the first time the identity of influential people throughout history have been whitewashed.

As I mentioned in Part 1 , Hollywood and even the education system in America has consistently tried to portray Ancient Egypt as a European civilization. All of the evidence shows that the Egyptians were originally black African people. At first I believed that the powers that be, wanted to whitewash Egypt so that they could justify slavery. Then I came to realize the real reason. If blacks and the world, knew the Egyptians were black, it would mean the world would have to admit the Jews of the Bible were black.

“Just think that this race of Black men, today our slave and the object of our scorn, is the very race to which we owe our arts, sciences, and even the use of speech!

-Constantine De Volney, French Traveler Travels through Syria and Egypt in the Years 1783, 1784, and 1785 (London: 1787), p. 80–83.

Many ask, “why does it matter that Jesus and the Israelites were Black?” Once I turned 18 I started reading the Bible. Between 18–23, I would turn to God, try to read the bible, and try go to church. Emphasis on try. Life would get in the way, or I would be too tired from partying on Saturday nights to get up the next morning for church. When I was 19 years old, during Bible study I heard a good family friend say “life is like a movie, GOD is the director, and humans are the characters/ actors. Until we read the script, we will never be able to know our role or part in the movie.” Fast forward to 2017, (between the ages of 23–24), I began to strengthen my faith and came to find out that the liberation of blacks and all oppressed people, as well as world peace,was tied in with the Bible. In the book of Revelations in the Bible, it mentions that during the end of the 400 year captivity of the Jews(Blacks), 144,000 Jews will help serve God in order to save humanity. The role and purpose of the Jews/Israelites, during the end of the captivity, is to organize a mass return of people of all races, back to the teachings of Jesus. In order for those 144,000 Jews of the Bible to serve God and save humanity, they (and the world) must first know their identity.

First, let’s start off with why Kendrick Lamar believes that the so called Black people are the Israelites mentioned in the Bible. The Holy Bible, historical evidence, anthropological evidence, and DNA evidence, supports Kendrick Lamar’s claim. There is confusion in terms of the identity of the Jews. Are the Jews the European ones we see today or are they the so called black people like Kendrick Lamar believes, or both? So how do we find out who the Israelites are?

Like I mentioned in Part 1, in order to understand who the Ancient Israelites and their descendants are( or what they look like), we must identify what the Ancient Egyptians during that time period looked like. As we know from biblical scripture, the Israelites lived in Egypt for centuries. As you learned in Part 1, not only did the Israelites live in Egypt for centuries, but the biblical scriptures and historical evidence, shows that the Israelites looked identical to the Egyptians. That being said, in order for us to find out who or what the Israelites looked like, we have to know what the Ancient Egyptians looked like as well. Historically, there has been confusion in terms of what the Ancient Egyptians looked like. After several centuries, the population of Egypt has became “ lighter.” This is because of centuries of Arab and European military invasions, in which the races intermixed with the original inhabitants. Time after time, the population got lighter through intermixing, thus turning Egypt into a melting pot of races. But as you are about to see, thousands of years before Arab and European armies invaded and intermixed in Egypt, the Ancient Egyptians were Black Africans.

Below are pictures of some of the Pharaohs, a Queen, the military, and everyday people who lived in Ancient Egypt. As you all know, the definition of wisdom is the ability to use good judgement. Please feel free to use your wisdom or good judgment to decide what race the Egyptians look like below.

From the tomb of King Tut. He was the Pharaoh during the 18th dynasty. This means he was ruling Egypt around 1320 years Before Christ. Emphasis on, 1320 years BEFORE Christ.
Queen Tye from the Neues Museum/Ägyptisches Museum in Berlin, Germany. She is the grandmother of King Tut.
Pharaoh Amenhotep, 18th Dynasty 1300 years Before Christ
Tomb wall of Pharaoh Seti 19th dynasty
Tomb of Baget, Beni Hasan, 2000 BC
Tomb of Amenhet
Tomb of Khnumhotep, Dynast XI
Wrestling Scene in the Tomb of Khety
Egyptian Warriors from 2000 BC

As you can see, the Pharaohs, Queens, civilians, and military living in Egypt, looked like Black people. Egyptologist Stuart Tyson Smith writes,

“Any characterization of race of the ancient Egyptians depends on modern cultural definitions, not on scientific study. Thus, by modern American standards it is reasonable to characterize the Egyptians as ‘black’, while acknowledging the scientific evidence for the physical diversity of Africans.”

So now that we see what the Ancient Egyptians looked like according to themselves, what did the ancient Greek and Roman travelers and historians, who lived during that time say?

An ancient Greek historian named Herodotus (400 B.C.), who is known as the “Father of History “, wrote about Ancient Egypt when he traveled there.

I myself guessed their Egyptian origin not only because the Colchians are dark-skinned and curly-haired (which does not count for much by itself , because these features are common in others too) but more importantly because Colchians, Egyptians and Ethiopians are the only peoples in the world who practise circumcision and who have always done so.”

In a nutshell he is saying that Egyptians had dark skin and curly hair. More importantly, he is saying that those three dark races above were the only race to practice circumcision. Circumcision is a Jewish custom.

Below is what the French artist and historian, Vivant Denon, drew when he saw the Sphinx of Giza (before the nose was knocked off) around 1798.

In 1782 a French philosopher and historian named, Count Constantine de Volney, visited Egypt and said this :

“All the Egyptians,” wrote de Volney, “have a bloated face, puffed-up eyes, flat nose, thick lips — in a word, the true face of the mulatto. I was tempted to attribute it to the climate, but when I visited the Sphinx, its appearance gave me the key to the riddle. On seeing that head, typically Negro in all its features.”

Again these are the words of the Ancient European travelers who were actually there. So the pictures on the tombs and statues show that the Ancient Egyptians looked like Black Africans, African Americans or Black People. The eye witness accounts of ancient European travelers, show that the ancient Egyptians were black people. As I mentioned earlier, the biblical evidence shows that the Israelites lived in Egypt and looked nearly identical to the Egyptians (Black Africans.)

Exodus 1:7–10(v7) ”And the children of Israel were fruitful, and increased abundantly, and multiplied, and waxed exceeding mighty; and the land was filled with them.(v8)Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.(v9)And he said unto his people, Behold, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we:(v10)Come on, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies, and fight against us, and so get them up out of the land.”
 Exodus 1: 22- And Pharaoh charged all his people, saying, Every son that is born ye shall cast into the river, and every daughter ye shall save alive.”

As most know from the story of Moses, found in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, in the book of Exodus (passages quoted above), the Pharaoh at that time was planning on killing every Hebrew baby in Egypt. The Pharaoh was scared that the Israelite population in Egypt would outnumber the Egyptians. Moses’s mother, hid him in a basket, and put the basket with Moses in the river, to prevent him from being killed. The daughter of the Pharaoh, found Moses in the basket and they raised him like a grandson. For many years Pharaoh believed that Moses was his blood grandson. In a nutshell, the Pharaoh couldn’t tell the difference between a Hebrew baby and an Egyptian baby.

WISDOM AND COMMON SENSE ALERT: If all Hebrew babies were ordered to be killed by Pharaoh, yet Pharaoh took Moses in, then Moses must have resembled the Pharaoh, his family, and the Egyptians. Common sense tells us, the fact that Moses resembled Egyptians, means Moses looked like an Egyptian. As proved through paintings, statues, historians and eyewitness accounts, the Egyptians were of a black race. Therefore, Moses, the prophet who led his people the Jews out of bondage, was black.

What many may not know, is that the prophecies in the Bible can repeat themselves. ( One of these prophecies that repeated themselves was the story of Jesus. Similar to Moses, he was also hidden in Egypt to escape being killed by another King. This story can be found in the second book of Matthew mentioned below.

Matthew 2:13-“And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Yahuah appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him.”

Like Moses, in order for Jesus,( a Jew) to blend in, inside of Egypt, he had to look Egyptian, aka Black. Jesus’s family had to flee from a king who was going to kill him. If you and your wife needed to hide your son so that he wouldn’t be killed, would you go somewhere where you blend in or stick out like a sore thumb? As the evidence above shows, the Ancient Egyptians were black Africans, thus Jesus resembled black Africans. Another example is the apostle Paul, who is credited with writing most of the New Testament in the Bible. Like Moses and Jesus, Paul(a Jew) was black. We know this because people thought he was Egyptian. The fact that Paul resembled or was confused with being Egyptian, meant he looked like a black African.

Acts 21:37–39(v37) “And as Paul was to be led into the castle, he said unto the chief captain, May I speak unto thee? Who said, Canst thou speak Greek? (v38)Art not thou that Egyptian, which before these days madest an uproar, and leddest out into the wilderness four thousand men that were murderers?(v39)But Paul said, I am a man which am a Jew of Tarsus, a city in Cilicia, a citizen of no mean city: and, I beseech thee, suffer me to speak unto the people.

The ancient Roman historian Flavius Josephus, wrote about this same event quoted above in in the bible.

“But there was an Egyptian false prophet that did the Jews more mischief than the former; for he was a sorcerer, and pretended
 to be a prophet also, and got together thirty thousand men that were deluded by him;
(War of the Jews 2.261–263)

Paul is refered to as a false prophet because many Jews at that time rejected Jesus and Christianity. Both quotes confirm that Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian (Black Person). Therefore Paul, who was a Jew, was a black person.

If your eyes deceive you and you do not believe the biblical evidence, historical evidence, and pictures that tell you the Ancient Egyptians were black, there is also DNA evidence. In 2012, the Laboratory called DNA Tribes, released the DNA results of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and Pharaoh Tutankhamen. They lived around 1300 and 1400 years BC. The results showed that they had the same DNA as people from Great Lakes and the Southern Africa( Near Uganda.)This is DNA proof showing that they were black African people.

Ugandan Soccer Team

Chapter 3 : The Black Jews of West Africa

The kingdom of Loango contains black Jews, scattered throughout the country ; they are despised by the Negroes who do not even deign to eat with them ; they are occupied in trade, and keep the sabbath so strictly that they do not even converse on that day; they have a separate burying ground, very far from any habitation. The tombs are constructed with masonry, and ornamented with Hebrew inscriptions”- 18th century European Traveler

So right now, based on the biblical evidence, DNA, eye witness accounts of ancient travelers and historians, and pictures that Ancient Egyptians drew/painted on the tombs and walls, ….the Ancient Egyptians were Black Africans. So again, why is the fact that Ancient Egyptians were Black Africans so important? The fact that we know the Israelites looked like Egyptians means, that the Israelites looked black. Like many black people, I was confused on to how black people could be from Israel. Most blacks know that we trace our ancestry back to West Africa, because that is where the so called blacks or Israelites were stolen from. This is confirmed by nearly every history book. What most don’t know is, during the Slave Trade, there were Black Jewish Colonies living in the regions where MOST blacks were stolen from. This has been proven through to DNA evidence, anthropological evidence, and eye witness accounts of ancient European travelers and historians.Today those same Black Jewish Colonies living in those same regions, practice Jewish customs, and say their ancestors migrated from Israel and Egypt to West Africa.

In his book ,The Great Roman-Jewish War: 66–70, Flavius Josephus, the same ancient Jewish historian mentioned earlier, stated that the Israelites migrated into Africa. He writes:

“General Vaspasian and his son Caesar Titus fought against the Jews. Millions of Jews fled into Africa, among other places, fleeing from Roman persecution and starvation during the siege.”

Migrations around the continent of Africa were well documented. During the 14th century the Ancient King of Mali named Mansa Musa, who is believed to be the Wealthiest man to ever live, made a large pilgrimage to Egypt, in which he brought a caravan of 60,000 men and 12,000 slaves. Photo of Mansa Musa below according to a European World Atlas.

In 873 AD, a historian from Iraq, named Al-Yaʿqūbī, wrote in his book Ta’rīkh :

“The people of the progeny of H˙ ām, son of Noah, left the country of Babel, went to the west, crossed the Euphrates, continued to Egypt and thence moved to East and West Africa. West of the Nile the Zaghawa settled in Kanem, next the Hausa (text: H ˙ WD ˙ N), then the Kawkaw and finally the people of Ghana”

This quote also confirms the migration of Blacks from Egypt to West Africa.

Two French travelers from the 18th century, Conrad Malte-Brun and James Gates-Percival, traveled around Africa during the time of the Slave Trade and documented the tribes in Africa. In their book, A system of universal geography: or A description of all the parts of the world, they write :

The kingdom of Loango contains black Jews, scattered throughout the country; they are despised by the Negroes who do not even deign to eat with them; they are occupied in trade, and keep the sabbath so strictly that they do not even converse on that day; they have a separate burying ground, very far from any habitation. The tombs are constructed with masonry, and ornamented with Hebrew inscriptions.

The Kingdom of Loango, (Western Congo) was a region where many of our African Ancestors were sold from. This quote clearly confirms that black Jews were living all over this country during the time of the slave trade.

Here is what another 15th century Portuguese navigator wrote about what he saw along the coast of ancient west Africa. This region is known as Senegal. Senegal is where many blacks were stolen from during the Slave Trade.

“In this land there are Jews known as ‘Gauls,’ and they are black like the rest of the inhabitants.

They do not live with the other blacks, but separately,” he reported. “Because they do not dare enter the villages, they locate themselves behind the houses of the ruler of the village and at dawn they sing his praises, until he grants them a portion of millet. And then they go. If they didn’t do so, the rest of the blacks would not tolerate them — so great is their hatred for them, which forbids them from entering any house except for that of the ruler of the village. If they find them inside the village, they are beaten with sticks.”

Lastly here is a quote from an African man named Oludah Equiano from the 1700’s. He was born in Nigeria and was kidnapped and sold into slavery. He wrote about his culture back home during the slave trade. He details how his tribe practiced the same customs of the Jews in the Bible.

“We practiced circumcision like the Jews, and made offerings and feasts on that occasion in the same manner as they did. Such is the imperfect sketch my memory has furnished me with of the manners and customs of a people among whom I first drew my breath. And here I cannot forbear suggesting what has long struck me very forcibly, namely, the strong analogy which even by this sketch, imperfect as it is, appears to prevail in the manners and customs of my countrymen and those of the Jews, before they reached the Land of Promise, and particularly the patriarchs while they were yet in that pastoral state which is described in Genesis — .”

“ Like the Israelites in their primitive state, our government was conducted by our chiefs or judges, our wise men and elders; and the head of a family with us enjoyed a similar authority over his household with that which is ascribed to Abraham and the other patriarchs. The law of retaliation obtained almost universally with us as with them: and even their religion appeared to have shed upon us a ray of its glory, though broken and spent in its passage, or eclipsed by the cloud with which time, tradition, and ignorance might have enveloped it; for we had our circumcision (a rule I believe peculiar to that people:) we had also our sacrifices and burnt-offerings, our washings and purifications, on the same occasions as they had

A German professor from Bayrueth University, named Dierk Lange, did research on Many West African groups and how they came from the Northeast African and Western Asian region. In his essay Dierk Lange: Origin of the Yoruba and The Lost Tribes of Israel, he writes about the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. This region is where it is believed that MOST Africans were stolen from and shipped to the Americas.

On the basis of comparative studies between the dynastic tradition of the Oyo-Yoruba and ancient Near Eastern history, the present article argues that Yoruba traditions of provenance, claiming immigration from the Near East, are basically correct . According to Ọyo-Yoruba tradition, the ancestral Yoruba saw the Assyrian conquests of the Israelite kingdom from the ninth and the eighth centuries B.C. from the perspective of the Israelites. After the fall of Samaria in 722 B.C.., they were deported to eastern Syria and adopted the ruling Assyrian kings as their own.”

He also goes on and says

“Scholars relied more directly on the available traditions of Yoruba origin and they did some comparative research between Yoruba, ancient Mediterranean and Israelite cultures. On the basis of this evidence they suggested that the Yoruba immigrated from far away: either from Phoenicia, the Mediterranean world, Egypt, or Nubia”

According to a 2015 DNA study done by Oxford University, called, “Unravelling the hidden ancestry of American admixed populations”, 80 percent of Black Americans trace their heritage to the Yoruba people. I repeat, 80 percent of black people trace their ancestry back to a region that contained Black Jews.

In Nigeria, there consists a tribe of 30 million people called the Igbo people. The former slave, Oludah Equiano, mentioned earlier, was a part of this same tribe. A researcher, author, and lawyer named, Remy Ilona did a field work study in Nigeria. For seven hours he traveled through villages interviewing the Igbo people about their heritage and culture.

“I would go to an area in Igboland and stop someone, speaking only Igbo. I told the first person I saw, I wanted to talk to the elders, I wanted to talk about the origins of the Igbo. They would assemble the oldest persons in the community. Tell me where the Igbo people came from, I would say. And they responded without hesitation: from Israel.” He said.

Beyonce Knowles is another artist who has made connections with the Kendrick Lamar theory. In the music video “Love Drought”, off the album/documentary Lemonade she paid tribute to the Igbo Slave Rebellion. The music video recreated the mass suicide of Igbo slaves that occurred in 1803 on St. Simons Island, Georgia. The Igbo slaves rebelled and took control of their slave ship, grounded it on an island, and rather than submit to slavery, proceeded to march into the water while singing in Igbo, drowning themselves in turn. They decided that they would rather die than be slaves.

To this day, the Igbo people practice the same traditions as the Israelites of the Bible. In his latest book, Ilona shows the similarities between Igbo rituals and customs and those practiced by Jews. The Igbo people and Jews both circumcise male children eight days after birth, do not eat “unclean” or tabooed foods, mourn the dead for seven days, celebrate the New Moon and conduct wedding ceremonies under a canopy. Some historians have noted that the Igbo practiced these customs before their exposure to the Bible and missionaries.

According to a book called, The many-headed hydra:sailors, slaves, commoners, and the hidden history of the revolutionary Atlantic, by Peter Linebaugh and Marcus Buford, around 1.4 million Igbo people were stolen and shipped across the Atlantic ocean during the slave trade.

Table from the book Rejoinder — The Significance of Igbo in the Bight of Biafra Slave-Trade- A Rejoinder to Northrup’s Myth Igbo ” (D.B. Chambers, 2002)

A French Filmmaker named Laurence Gavron made a film called Black Jews, Juifs noir en Afrique, which documents lost Jewish tribes in Africa. The film focuses on African tribes in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and other countries. All of them had a Jewish story. Another historian named Edith Bruder, who has been studying these Jewish groups for more than a decade and wrote the book, The black Jews of Africa, history, identity, religion. She says,

In sub-Saharan Africa, you can find ‘Judaic’ tribes in Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Uganda, Cameroon, South Africa, Zimbabwe and even in Sao Tome and other countries. There are many of them,” Bruder said. “It is really a vast subject.”

Igbo Jew in Nigeria (Courtesy: Chika Oduah)

Just to summarize. The historical evidence and field work studies, confirm that the Israelites migrated to West Africa before they were sold into slavery. The ancient eyewitness accounts confirm that there were Black Jewish Colonies that lived all along the West African regions, where MOST black people trace their ancestry back to, during the Slave Trade. Lastly, there is DNA evidence. Scientists did a DNA study on one of these black Hebrew tribes in Africa, called the Lemba. They found that the Lemba males, (who claim they are a part of the lost tribes of Israel, and practice Jewish customs), carry in their male chromosome a set of DNA sequence that prominent leaders in the Jewish community believe to be similar to Aaron. Aaron is the brother of Moses. This means this tribe has similar DNA as Moses, which means this tribe has similar DNA to the original Israelites. To see for your self click below.

Many people say that the story is far-fetched, but the oral traditions of the Lemba have been backed up by science “ — British Historian, Tudor Parfitt

Members of the Lemba Tribe (Photo Cred PBS Cicada Films)

As mentioned in the Bible, the descendants of the Hebrews (a race of people who looked like Egyptians/Black Africans), in a later time would be sent away to a foreign land where they would be enslaved and mistreated for 400 years.

Genesis 15:13. “Then the Lord said to him, “Know for certain that for four hundred years your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own and that they will be enslaved and mistreated there.”

The evidence shows that the Israelites were a black race. The only period of time known in history, of a black race being sold in ships and enslaved and mistreated for 400 years, is the Atlantic Slave Trade as well as the Arab Slave Trade. The first Africans arrived in America in 1619. 400 years later is 2019.

As we learned from Kendrick Lamar, we are a “cursed people.”

Most of the history of black people fits the prophecy and curses of the book of Dueteronomy. Since the beginning of time, the nation of Israel has been under the most severe wrath of God. Blacks have been scattered all over the world. Where ever black people are living, from Portugal to Haiti to DC to Iraq, to France to New York to Mexico to the Dominican Republic, black people have been enslaved, oppressed mistreated, and today make up the predominate people who live in impoverished slums, that contain poverty, crime, and diseases. Many skeptics may say, “all people have been oppressed through out history, how do we know blacks are the lost tribe of Israel.” To that I say, what race meets the DNA requirements, and looks like the Ancient Egyptians?

Conclusion: Why Blacks Should Embrace Their Israelite Heritage

Disclaimer: The message below is strongly Christian based. If you do not consider yourself a Christian feel free to simply view this as a “concept.”

The reason why accepting our Israelite heritage is important, is because now we know we are reaching the end of our 400 year captivity, known as the end times. The prophecies in the bible about the end times, can be found in the Book of Revelations. The Book of Revelations mentions that there will be 144,000 Jews who must serve God by spreading the message of Jesus Christ. One of the biggest reasons why we must accept our ancestry from Israel is because the bible mentions that the Jews will return to Israel in masses. The bible mentions that after this 400 year captivity, God will bless the Israelites with their own land.

“ then the Lord your God will restore your fortunes and have mercy on you, and he will gather you again from all the peoples where the Lord your God has scattered you.” (Dueteronomy 30:3)

“I will take you from the nations and gather you from all the countries and bring you into your own land.” ( Ezekiel 36:24)

Former NBA All Star Amare Stoudemire has already made his return back to Israel to embrace his true heritage.

The legendary singer Whitney Houston made a return to Israel and embraced her Israelite heritage as well. Before her death she planned to go back to Israel and build a home there.

This was also the mission of Black revolutionaries like Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X who urged for blacks to establish their own homeland in Africa to escape the persecution of blacks in America. They believed blacks would never have any freedom or equality in America. Towards the end of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, he slowly started to align himself with those same ideologies in which he said, “I’ve come upon something that disturbs me deeply,..We have fought hard and long for integration, as I believe we should have, and I know that we will win. But I’ve come to believe we’re integrating into a burning house.”

As you begin to research you will see that people around the world are calling for blacks to recognize their true identity. Below is a link of a white woman who speaking out about this same truth, begging black people to accept their Israelite Heritage as well as asking other whites to spread truth.

The main concept of Kendrick Lamar’s album DAMN, is for Black America to embrace our Israelite heritage and turn back to God and revert back to the teachings of the Bible. The Bible also mentions that during the end times there will be an apocalypse, consisting of war, famine, human disasters and persecution of Jews. Right now America could be on the brink of Nuclear war with North Korea, wildfires are burning down California as we speak, and other natural disasters continue to wreak havoc around the world. Due to these events,the biblical prophecy is starting to become more of a reality. The biblical prophecy also mentions that during the end times, Jews(Blacks) will start a global movement to spread the teachings of the Bible to humanity (all races and colors of people) in order to receive our blessings from God. According to the Bible this is the purpose of the Jews. Today the mainstream Jews, who are European, that we know of today, do not believe that Jesus Christ is their savior, therefore they can not be the Jews, that the Bible mentions. I am not saying they are not Jews. Many people can convert to Judaism. I am simply saying they are not the Jews mentioned in the Bible. In the book of Revelations chapter 3 it mentions a group of people “who claim to be Jews but are not.” According to the Bible, the Jews who revert back to the teachings of Jesus are the real Jews. Another reason why all of this is important is because if prophecies are not fulfilled they tend to repeat themselves. Therefore, if we want to be out of this “bondage”, as a whole, we as Jews/Black people, must fulfill our purpose by turning back to Jesus and spreading the message. If we do this, in the words of Kendrick Lamar “We gon be alright.” Thanks for reading. Let the games begin.

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