Deadpool 2 is a parody of Logan (SPOILERS)


The movie Deadpool 2 opens with the title character winding a music box featuring a dead Wolverine as depicted at the end of the film Logan. Our anti-hero goes on a rant that seems to complain that Hugh Jackman and his famous character have left the cinematic universe, likely because of the actors’ real-life friendship and a desire for the film series to cross over one another.

However, this introduction is an overt indication that Deadpool 2 is not just a film affected by the events of Logan; it is a parody of Logan, and a commentary on the film from start to finish.

The irony gets even deeper when, mid film, Deadpool accuses Logan of copying features of Deadpool, such as its R rating. It’s almost as if the creators of Deadpool 2 knew that the hypocrisy would go over the heads of the audience and wanted to take the joke as far as humanly possible.

Here are the plot points and elements that appear in both films and how Deadpool 2 riffs on the famous farewell to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

The hero protects a mutant child from abusive caretakers

In both films, it is also heavily implied that the mutant child is a stand-in for the children that the heroes never got to have with their now-lost love interests.

A metal-armed man goes on a mission to capture the mutant child

The metal-armed man also respects the hero rather than hating him, and wants him to stand aside (which he doesn’t do.)

It even helps to note that both Donald Pierce and Cable tend to rely on traditional fighting and their cybernetic enhancements rather than any sort of mutant powers or superpowers in the movies.

The hero forms an unexpected family bond

And the family dies unexpectedly. In Deadpool 2, the family is the X-Force, in Logan it’s the farmer’s family. To parody the horror of the bystander deaths in Logan, Deadpool 2 kills the X-Force in the most horrible of ways, including electrocution, a wood chipper, and acid burns.

The sidekick is tortured and gives away the hero’s position

In Deadpool 2, the parody is that Weasel folds immediately and tells Cable everything at just the threat of violence.

The hero dies saving the child

Both heroes have the near-immortal ability to heal, but in both films, their mutant powers are suppressed. Once the heroes make their noble sacrifices, both films feature a shot of the dying hero holding the child’s hand.

In true parody fashion, Deadpool 2 features the unkillable hero basically choosing to die, showing that the death is arbitrary according to the plot. In Deadpool’s case, his recent loss makes him actually more motivated to die than Wolverine.

Cable undoes Deadpool’s death with time travel, and then as if to wink at the audience about hopefulness at Jackman’s return, the post-credits scenes feature Deadpool going back in time and reversing other movie plot points, including his cameo in X-men Origins: Wolverine.