OMR sheet with barcode

There are always chances of malpractices when it comes to examinations and evaluations. However, what if every paper has a barcode unique to a particular candidate? Surely this is a great way of preventing any kind of malpractices and also for enhancing the security level. One of the different types of OMR sheets is the one with a barcode. The barcode makes it possible to hide the identity of the candidate or student.

A barcode is a combination of thick and thin lines that actually refer to certain digits and characters. However, they cannot be read with the human eye. A special device called the barcode reader is required for recognizing the barcode. Nowadays, several educational institutes as well as organizations are using OMR sheet with barcode as it prevents any kinds of manipulations.

Advantages of OMR sheet with barcode

· The major advantage of an OMR sheet that contains a barcode is that it cannot be understood or read by anyone easily. This eliminates any kind of wrongdoings by the students, examiners or any other person associated with the examination process.

· The photocopy of this OMR sheet would be rendered useless as the barcode on the photocopy cannot be read by any barcode reading machine.

· A sheet that is acquired by unfair practices cannot be replaced with answer sheets as it would be impossible to recognize the barcode with which the paper has to be replaced.

Printing and reading barcode on OMR sheets

Most OMR software comes with a feature that allows the printing reading of barcode. Hence, always choose OMR software that possesses this feature. Same goes with reading printing a barcode. It is best to select software that has inbuilt feature to read the barcode.

The OMR sheet with barcode has several advantages and is best for carrying an honest examination procedure. Check for this feature before investing in any OMR software.

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