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A brief guide on how to build and release your own plugins for Docusaurus v2

At ClaimR we have been using Docusaurus v2 for our developer and documentation website for a while now. After a couple of months of using it we can confidently say that we’re very happy with our choice.

Docusaurus comes batteries-included, so you immediately get a lot of value, while it is flexible enough to tailor it to your needs if there’s something you like differently. Also, their documentation is superb, as you would expect from a framework who owes its existence to its ability to create documentation websites.

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For anyone unfamiliar to Docusaurus, Docusaurus an open-source framework created by Facebook for making documentation websites for all their open-source tools. If you have been working on some NodeJS projects, then you have likely used documentation generated by Docusaurus, just to name some examples: Jest, Create React App, and Redux. …

I’m a big proponent for serverless, especially for small but long-running projects. Such project needs to be as simple as possible to get started and require no maintenance. Many of the serverless providers offer a generous free-tier, which often suffices until the project gains traction.

Serverless compute resources are quite easy to come by, for example Vercel, Netlify or AWS Lambda allow for a vast amount of serverless function executions in their free-tier. …

In this mini-series I will walk you through some habits I replaced in recent times, which have shown to pay off and make me a more productive programmer/power-user of my computer. All these changes should be easy to gradually adopt, so I would highly recommend checking them out. If you’ve any suggestions ☝️ or improvements ✍️, then email me at or reach out using any of the social media listed here.

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DuckDuckGo is often advocated as the privacy preserving alternative for Google. …

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