Soft Skills, Hacker Skills, TDD, Algorithms, Labs And More Training

So today Day 3 was kinda the day people at the Andela Bootcamp began to feel the camp heat and ‘rigourosity’ (sp), We started on a very happy note with soft skills training with Chidi, Yea, He cool like that, which was followed by the usual morning discussion about Test Driven Development . .

Next we proceeded to series of teasers, quizzes and more more coding and self learning, A cool Python fellow Samuel James came to explain a couple of things to us, after FOOOOOOODDDD, oh what a saviour that was, short lived howbeit, The food was still awesome as usual, that has become a given, and yea, more andelabs and more coding

Let’s just say, I just realized I have learnt a lot in a few days, it is astonishing, now I got to run home, rest for a couple of hours, tweet and go back to reading the Homestudy materials. . And the camp is getting

so, yea, I will have more fun coding and learning new things tomorrow . . .

Hasta la vista for today, as The Terminator said to John Connor.