Man was created in the image and likeness of GOD (Genesis 1:26)! Meaning that I Must Talk Like God, Walk Like God, Be Like God. 
A lot of people have been shying away from the main purpose we have on earth.

In Gen. 1:28, God said "Be fruitful and multiply", he meant it as a double or may I say "multiple entendres".
By that order, He wants us to become co-creators of the world through our many talents.

One is the primal talent of SEX (Touch)... The most exhilarating and fulfilling creative process. By Sex, you create a great feeling of pleasure and oneness. Not to digress too far off, one of the intended uses of sex is "Procreation". The creation of a hybrid that’s half you, half her... Sex has various other effects that aid some other talents that God has set upon all his creations. 
Learn how to use this very talent!!!

A second talent is VISION. With Vision, so much is achieved faster... A message is passed on faster. The eyes is the tunnel to the soul and once you have caught my eyes, you can catch my soul. There are various ways by which Various Visual Artistes use their talent of Vision.
1. Make Up Artistry
2. Painting/Fine Arts/Photography 
3. Sculpting/Carpentry/Masonry 
4. Videography/Cinematography
5. Writing/ General Designing 
These talents have been enhanced also by various talented visionaries in the technological fields.

Another set of Talents are those of HEARING and SPEAKING. These talents go hand in hand because they inadvertently aid the others. Some people hear and speak in various forms... Some of the most popular ways that we know of are;

i. Pastoring
ii. Music
iii. Public Speaking
iv. Creative direction/Artiste{s} & Repertoire (I must opine this set mostly have or rather must achieve a total marriage of all the various talents to carry out their work.)
v. Comedy.

Another great talent is that of TASTE. Knowing the rightful way in which food must be made and served is one of the many underrated talents. "The way to a man's heart may be his stomach" but I beg to differ. The way to a man's heart is through his

hence the Yoruba saying "Ol’obe Lo L’oko".

Finally the talent of SMELL. This talent is grandly unappreciated. Smell aids the other talents in ways unprecedented.

- I'd rather taste a meal that smells great. 
- I'd look longer at a painting that smells nice. 
- I'd be more inclined to touch (SEX) a nice smelling woman.
- I'd rather hear some fine music in a sweet smelling room.
- and I'd rather listen to someone who's mouth smells nice.

The list goes on...
Shout goes out to the Fragrance makers and sundry.

You may see these talents as just your five senses but there is one last one and it's the talent of THOUGHT... The ability to think in a healthy way is a very important talent... We must work to curtail disadvantaged thinking. Watch your mental health and seek help today.

Errr... I for like talk some more but na here my phone battery die... God has made you whole, you must wholly use your body to create...




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