Every woman needs this!

Some of the features of women are beauty, strength and energy.. Sometimes we rely too much on moisturizers, expensive creams, sunscreens, soaps and so on maybe you are not getting enough nutrients, my sister, it can be difficult to maintain healthy looking body coupled with all the emotional and physical stress we go through

The following nutrients are very vital for you, you eat healthy at all times, check the following nutrients out and where they can be found.

This can be found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables such as beef liver, tuna, salmon, chicken breast, potatoes, turkey, banana.These are also water soluble nutrients which include B1, B2, B5, B6, B12 and biotin. B vitamins produce energy to meet the everyday demands of life.It’s for all adult women, especially women who exercise a lot and burns more calories daily. It increases their need for these nutrients. Vitamin B12 and B6 lowers the homocysteine levels to reduce the risk of heart disease. Biotin makes the hair healthy.

Sources of Vitamin B

Present in leaves and fruit, folate is a water soluble B vitamin. It makes you look healthy. Folate prevents neural tube abnormalities in the fetus during the first few weeks of pregnancy when the women don’t know they are pregnant. It is also a supporting factor in normal levels of homocysteine in the blood. All adult women should take this supplement, especially pregnant women.

Sources of Folate

This can be found in citrus fruits, berries and vegetables especially peppers, this vitamin is essential for the structure of bones, cartilage, muscles and blood vessels. This also helps in maintaining capillaries and gums aiding the absorption of iron

Sources of Vitamin C

This is found in high amounts in milk and dairy products, calcium is an essential mineral which makes more than 1% of the women’s body weight. It is also the bone builder, reduces PMS symptoms, and maintains blood pressure. Women are more susceptible to osteoporosis than men so calcium is essential for lifelong bone health. It also plays an important role in heart and muscle action, blood clotting and normal cell function.

Sources of Calcium

Fish like salmon, tuna mackerel are a source of omega-3s, namely EPA and DHA. These are highly specialized fats that can’t be made in our body and many women don’t get enough of these nutrients. Omega-3s fats optimize brain operations, reduce inflammation and support healthy joints. They play an important role in heart and blood vessel health and lower heart disease risk. All adult women who don’t have a high intake of fish in their diet, at risk of cardiovascular disease, pregnant and nursing women need it.

Sources of Omega 3s

A fat soluble nutrient in meat and fish is an antioxidant which fuels the production of energy within cells. It also protects against premature aging.

Sources of Coenzyme Q10

This can be found in unripe plantain, chicken, nuts, fish. It aids proper brain function, boosts energy also prevents anemia

Sources of Iron

It strengthens bones, teeth, muscles, protects against autoimmune diseases also prevents breast and ovarian cancer

Sources of Vitamin D

Start a healthier, happier you today.

Thank you :)




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