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Have you ever tried investing in financial markets? Enrolled in a trading course that claims to teach you how to become profitable? And then got burned?

Well, now we have a solution for this: AdelTrade!!!

AdelTrade is a gaming platform, where you can trade risk-free. The markets remain the same however your investments are safe. You don’t have to invest thousands to try the best trading strategy and risk your funds on the market. Instead, you can enroll with AdelTrade for a small fee, receive virtual money and if you are amongst the top 3 players you win the prize!

It operates like a tournament, where users sign in and receive equal virtual balance, let’s say $10.000. Once the tournament starts you can test your strategies on multiple markets. You can trade stocks, ETF’s, commodities, forex and cryptocurrencies. Choose any strategy you want, even test new ones and all without any risks. The top 3 with the highest equity at the end of the tournament win and receive prizes. …



We are an online gaming platform where anyone can trade risk-free their investment strategies in the financial and cryptocurrency markets to win prizes.