In an effort to undo what council members say was a gift of public funds, last month the Adelanto City Council unanimously voted to terminate the city’s agreement with the High Desert Mavericks. After current city officials reviewed the agreement and its associated costs, the council was told the city has spent approximately $1.8 million maintaining the facility, including almost $500,000 for city staffing charges, another $229,688 for utilities and $157,500 for cleaning expenses.

The contract was signed August 22, 2012. It provided exclusive use of the stadium to Main Street Baseball, LLC for annual rent of $1. Such an agreement is not unheard of as it also was meant to place the burden of certain maintenance responsibilities on the team’s ownership.

At the time that of the 2012 agreement, the stadium was impacting the city’s finances due to the cost of maintenance so the agreement seemed to be a win-win. However, city officials say it did not work out as planned with the city having spent close to $2 million since that time on maintenance. City officials also say Mavericks ownership owes the city for parking fees and conference room rentals.

The two sides are trying to find common ground. City leaders are hopeful an agreement can be reached so that the cost of using the stadium does not fall on the taxpayers. Mavericks owners have requested formal remediation. The Mavericks expect to play their 2016 season in Adelanto.