The Adelanto City Council approved an ordinance to give its planning commissioners the authority to pursue economic development projects in the city. The planning commission will act as an advisory body with the city council having the final say.

The ordinance adds the following language to the city’s municipal code:

The Planning Commission shall also seek, facilitate, and consider economic development opportunities and housing opportunities within the City for submittal to the City Council. The Planning Commission shall act in an advisory role on such matters and work with City staff to present information pertaining to such opportunities to the City Council for the City Council’s determination in accordance with all legal requirements pertaining thereto.

The move came about due to the fact the city is not in a position to hire a full-time economic development staff at this time. Planning commissioners are in a unique situation in that they know the city’s most underused resources while having contact with those business executives who may see value in what Adelanto has to offer.

“This is a win-win for our city,” said Mayor Richard Kerr. “It is not causing the city to incur additional payroll costs while potentially bringing in new revenue. The council really appreciates the commissioners’ willingness to take on these new duties while we work to get the city back on track financially.”

Several new events and possible projects are already in the works due to planning commissioners being able to promote the city to their contacts outside of the area. At least one promoter attended the rodeo this past weekend thanks to his contact with a planning commission. He is now hoping to use Mavericks Stadium for some events that will impress even the naysayers.

“The city of Adelanto has amazing assets that have not been leverage by the former city leadership for economic development and job creation purposes,” said Commissioner Jesse Flores. “There are five industrial parks; our own private air park with two 1-mile-long runways; a stadium for entertainment venues; and Highway 395, which makes our city a prime location for logistical hub purposes.

“We are very motivated to be supportive of Mayor Kerr and the city council with their efforts to bring opportunities to the City of Adelanto,” concluded Commissioner Flores.

Another project is actually coming to fruition thanks to the new ordinance. City officials met this week with Motor Cross Grand Prix promoters and organizers to discuss an event to be held in January 2016 at the stadium. The Grand Prix will include three music stages playing live country, rock and Latin music along with many other attractions for the whole family.

“We are hoping this process will increase our revenues to the point that in the future we can hire a full-time economic development director,” said Mayor pro tem Jermain Wright, Sr. “For now, it is heartening to see how dedicated to Adelanto our planning commissions really are. They are team players for sure.”