This past week the Adelanto City Council authorized Alliance Building Solutions, Inc. (ABS) to conduct a free energy audit of city facilities. The audit could pave the way for the city to acquire streetlight assets from Southern California Edison and identify other potential savings.

Mayor pro tem Jermaine Wright Jr. sees value in the program. “The savings from changing out street lights and parking lights alone could be drastic. Not only could we save a lot of money, but such a change will increase safety at night by providing better lit streets, parks and parking lots.”

There is no general fund cost. Any project costs are paid for with money saved from updated energy equipment. “If (ABS) comes in and they can’t save us a dime, what did we lose? Not a thing,” Wright said according to a quote in the Daily Press. “But we’re worried about stepping on toes (SCE) and what we did in the past. What we did in the past has got us into this freaking mess that we’re in now.”

The audit does not stop with lighting. The city’s wastewater treatment plant and irrigation systems will be audited. Optimizing these systems with even small efficiency increases can lead to large savings.

The audit will take four to eight weeks to complete. ABS will work with city staff to conduct the audit with as little intrusion into the day-to-day operations as possible. The recommendations and report will be submitted to the city council along with any projects that would be funded from the energy savings.

“I’m excited about this audit and look forward to the results,” said Wright. “It’s not often we have a chance to upgrade and modernize our infrastructure at zero net cost to the city.”

Alliance Building Solutions, Inc. is based out of San Diego. The company’s principles have 30 years of experience and the sister company has been doing energy work for more than 15 years. They have implemented over $75 million in local government and private sector projects during this time.