Why Wood Toys for Children Make a Lot of Sense

Adelita Adarsh
Nov 7, 2017 · 3 min read
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It’s important for kids to have fun while growing and developing, and toys help with that. As a parent, you need to get your kids toys that are not only fun to play with, but also educational and safe. For instance, wood toys for babies provide an enjoyable and learning experience for kids. Below are some of the reasons why wood toys are fantastic for babies:

Development Perks

Most high-tech toys you can buy today may be created to amuse and distract your child. Such a toy may make a lot of noise besides being over invigorating. Yet, wood toys tend to inflame imaginative engagement in kids. With these toys, kids are able to participate in meaningful play, building their problem-solving and cognitive capabilities. Typically, children find such attained abilities important in their while life. Wooden toys feature an inherent texture that provokes a child’s sense of touch, inviting them to feel and find out. For example, children may use wooden blocks to put up buildings or set up the alphabet in an enjoyable way.


Wooden toys are okay for the environment since they usually don’t threaten mother earth in any way. These excellent baby toys are created using material that’s organic if not recyclable.

To help protect the environment, wood toy makers have several options available. One way to do this involves sourcing wood from plantations that grow the rubber plant. Fully-harvested rubber trees are removed, paving the way for planting new ones and maintaining a cycle in the farms. The discarded rubber trees biodegrade naturally without posing danger to the ecosystem’s land, water bodies, and air. To read more about the benefits of buying wooden toys for kids, go to http://money.cnn.com/2016/10/07/technology/hatchimals-spin-master/.

Also, these toys are crafted from tree farms, and so, natural forests remain unharmed, which is good for the planet. Certainly, you do well to keep the planet safe by picking wooden growth charts as opposed to plastic alternatives.

Child Safety/Health

Wood is a completely natural and significantly healthy material for making toys for toddlers, as opposed to other alternatives. Wood for toys is not processed using extreme levels of chemicals that may pose danger to your kid’s wellbeing. That is critical because babies are known to like putting objects they’re playing with into their mouth, buy today!

A good case in point is when a child that’s teething tends to relieve painful gums by always putting something into their mouth. So, it’s easy to understand why organic, green toys are viewed safer for kids to use on their gums. Obviously, parents will find wood teethers very appropriate.

If not sure what to pick among wood toys and other unnatural sources like plastic, a look at the merits offered will clear your doubts. Ultimately, wooden toys will win because they’re harmless, shop now!

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