What I don’t understand about non-Trumpers who won’t vote for Hillary

I’m not American, and I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about America.

But non-Trump supporters who are against Hillary is something I just cannot understand. I just think that these guys are:
a. sore losers who think the world is so-complex-I-can’t-even
b. sexist bigots
c. people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote but hey the Constitution says so, so tough luck ‘Murica.

What are your reasons ?

a. “I don’t believe in the two-party system/There is an alternative to Trump & Clinton/There is the Libertarian or Green Party.”

What a big fat load of crap. Sure, you can believe in that, just like how you can believe unicorns are real and rape doesn’t happen. Harsh of me to say? Absolutely.

Fact of the matter is the “Third Party” doesn’t even stand a chance for Presidency because they do not have any grassroot influence in America. They have not build credibility as a viable third party for the American people because they are not in city councils, not in city/state legislatures etc. The ONLY time you hear about these jokesters is every 4 years, like that ugly fat zit you just can’t pop every time election year comes around.

Dan Savage says it better.

b. “BENGHAZI!!!”

Hillary supported and has regretted that choice. Given the limited information and time that she had as the U.S. Secretary of State, she made a decision she thought was the best course of action at the time. Ditto for Iraq and Libya.

If you think you could have done better under the same circumstances, you are either a veteran in international crisis management with a set of damn good advisors, or someone who has minimal experience in crisis management.

c. “She lied”

Newflash: EVERYONE LIES. Bernie Sanders is a great guy but he lies too. Just look here. As for the Donald, I don’t think anything needs to be said.

d. The Private Server shit storm people won’t shut up about

Colin Powell did it. Condoleeza Rice did it. Why then is Hillary treated different?

Why America’s vote on November 8 is so important

Because you are America — if your government falls, it will be pandemonium for the rest of the world.
Because the Donald is clearly what you don’t need as a President. We have learned people like him cause wars. Don’t REPEAT HISTORY.

Because Clinton is now your best chance of any progress. She has proven herself over and over and over again in her political career. Jill Stein and co isn’t going to ever match up, much less the Donald and co.

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