Is handbag women’s necessity or addiction?

A handbag is the most important fashion accessory of women. Girls and women both use handbags to carry belongings when they go to office, mall, outings etc. It becomes very difficult for them to carry all items or belongings without a handbag. Women use handbag as all in one bag to carry items while girls bring their beauty kits as well as some other important stuff. The handbags are popular to carry stuff conveniently.

Earlier, the use of handbag started as the necessity because it was the most convenient carry bag for women to carry all things together. With passing times, handbag goes through many changes and result came as the designer, stylish handbags. Even the main purpose of it still exists but now it is more than necessity. There are many types of women bags like Tote, Barrel, Clutch, Messenger bag, Bucket bag, Hobo, Saddle purse, Bowling bag purse, Drawstring etc. On the basis of material women’s leather bags (תיקי עור לנשים) and Muff bags are the most popular.

Women fashion plays a great role in the fashion industry. There are a number of accessories which are the necessary part of women fashion like stylish clothes, jewelry, shoes, and sandals but handbags have the very specific place in women fashion.

At present, women’s handbags have become a symbol of status and stylish among women. It completes women’s overall look, therefore market is packed with numerous heavy fabric work bags and designers bags. A handbag is the most noticeable fashion accessory of women, therefore it became an addiction to show off and maintain status in the society. There are many companies which launch women handbags on the basis of women’s addiction. These bags are categorized as formal style, casual style, and luxury style.

Some women are more addicted for stylish, designer and expensive handbags. They like to hang or have the most expensive handbags due to addiction towards handbags and show off high profile status in the society.

At the end, some women are using it as necessity on the other hand some are using as addiction.

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