I will not be too woke to believe prayer doesn’t work. It is a weapon itself. It is a projection from a place of vulnerability and sometimes strength.I was almost rusticated in UNIBEN for something i did not do. Here in lies the dilemma; who will save me…

A reflection of them is who we are
Like a circus,we amuse ourselves with our hypocrisy
The hysteria of praise singers,the silence of the mob
A tired citizenry within the barn of failed promises
The lies of the puppeteer,the smile of the puppets
We are lost within our own home.

Time is inconsequential to those who are slaves
Slaves to their insatiable longing for power
They amass what is not theirs but the peoples'
They forgot death is only but a gate-keeper
He watches with time they took for granted
And time is no ones' to possess

Let’s grow Nigeria, but not with our money.

During a radio programme this week,the chairman of Innoson, Chief Chukwuma joined the discussion via telephone. The presenter asked him why the government was not patronizing his ventilator-production. You could hear the voice of a man who was willing but discouraged. He was willing to supply fifty ventilators per day…

Every success story has a tune of scars playing underneath.
Every hard work has a dose of sleepless nights.
Every struggle has an imprint of blood of the dead.
Every tale has an event,every event has witnesses.
Revolution of the mind is the pinnacle of every struggle.

The face through phases
The pain ,the smile,the smirk in laces
Unknown have I become in places
Like a mask i wear my faces
The art of disguise with different aces
I become unpredictable in every locale
A faceless man before my mirror
Obscure,enigmatic,abstruce in plain sight.✌️

“They are the most ferocious fish in the world. The piranhas habitually attack things much larger than themselves. They will snap a finger off a hand incautiously trailed in the water; they mutilate swimmers—in every river."
A thread..🤔

The words of Theodore Roosevelt…

........The exegesis of a chaotic society.
What our leaders are, is a mirror reflection of who we are.There is an agressive flow of psychological suppression and tolerance of the immoral.Things are always different within this space. You may disagree,but that is the whole truth. These…


I see the world differently from my little space...🧐

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