Wow. Proves to me that you can immerse someone in an ocean of information that damns their idol but…
train ofthoughts

Have you every considered all these educated academics you sneer at, taken on the whole, might have a higher probability of being right in the aggregate, then you, joe blow on the internet?

Apply Occam’s razor. Who is more likely to be self-deluding here?
You aren’t Galileo. Trump pulls his support from the uneducated masses for a reason. He is vert publicly anti-intellectualism , and very much fire from hip gut reaction. 
While that may appeal to hillbillies, frat boys, and meatheads, you aren’t going to find it a popular attitude among academics, for a reason.

There hasn’t been a time in history when the angry mob with pitchforks was right and the universities, scientists, and academics were wrong.

It hasn’t ever been the case.

The angry mob has nothing to bring to the table exempt bile. It’s not problem solving, it’s lashing out. They aren’t knowledgeable enough to even know the source of their problems, so they pick a target.