How to save people sacked by robots.

A driverless car will replace several drivers , a drone will make the job of a delivery man sluggish , a well trained robot-waiter might become more proficient than its human counterpart and more industries will be automated.

Now the question is : When every company is automating and retrenching at the same time what will be the fate of the unemployed due to the rise of these new civilization ?

I foresee a greater number of people being replaced by robots than when machines are replacing manual labourers in the 19 -20th century so the effect will be much bigger .

Imagine thousands to millions of workers being retrenched in the course of 5 years due to automation.

So what exactly do governments need to do that can act as palliative to the high unemployment rate so that the world won’t be vulnerable to insecurity due to the joblessness of many people.

There is one solution : Robot tax. yes , another tax.

How would it work ?

You tax every company automating on a large scale especially the ones using robots to do the most of their labour.

The tax will be used to found and fund several learning centers for acquiring new skills : skills like programming and some other valuable skills.

Some of these centers will only be enrolling those who are in need of new skills to survive and the un-skilled people that are being retrenched.

Not only would they be trained a new skill but will also be paid a token to survive until they finished their training.

I’m sure a palliative of this kind will be needed in developed countries that are undergoing a high level of automation at all level to cushion the effects of high unemployment.