The price you have to pay

She was a disrespectful 9 year old. Her mouth too sharp for her age, she talked to you like she knew everything. Her tone was always harsh, like she was older and wiser.

It was probably because you came from ajegunle to stay with her family, she saw you as needy and helpless. You were going to teach her a lesson. You had to punish her for being disrespectful.

So that day you snuck into her room and met her asleep. Her aunty had gone to pick her siblings from school and left her behind. Onibaje oshi you mutter to yourself as you unbuckle your pants.

You slap her awake, she gets up with a resounding scream. No one can hear so you let her fight all she wants. As you begin to thrust in and out furiously, you tell yourself that it's the best way to break a noisy woman.

You only stop when she looks like she may die under you. You pull her up and make her change her panties. No one must know so you turn the mattress around. You tell her you're sorry even though you don't mean it.

You take a walk to clear your head. You convince yourself that she is wise enough not to tell anyone.

You're in her house again years later. Her mother has been paying for your university education so you're around to pay homage to family.
She doesn't even hide her hatred for you. It was a blazing sword the she was willing to chop your head off with. You wonder why she hasn't gotten over what happen. You shrug it off and try to paint it as nothing. Everybody had been complaining that she was changed in a bad way. Family gossip here and there that she'd cut off all her friends and was making the life of her siblings unbearable. You didn't feel the need to care about all that.

On your way back to school, you're eavesdropping on a conversation between two girlfriends in a bus going to Lasu/Isheri, they're talking about forced sex and you get an inkling of why the girl is so mad at you. You think to appease her before her parents hear about it and ruin your life. You'll buy her chocolates and sweets so that she'll forgive you.

Many more years later, you've come to invite her mum to your wedding and she's looking at you like you're the dirtiest thing in the world. You ask her to come for your wedding since it's happening close to her university and she's blatant with her no, she even goes ahead to tell you that you will never find peace. So, you offer her money in return for her forgiveness, but she looks you straight in the eye and tells you she'd rather die. You sigh and disallow her from affecting you, it wasn't your problem anymore.

You're married now but you live in fear, you haven't done anything bad but you don't want to have a daughter because you'll run mad if anybody tries what you did to your daughter. So you keep insisting that your wife gives you male children, when the pressure gets too much on her she leaves you to your life and now your mind is at peace.

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