How to Design fully functional Classified WordPress theme with AdForest

Do you want to design fully functional classified WordPress theme with AdForest? If so then you do not have to worry because there is a very simple procedure for this purpose. AdForest is one of the largest platforms that are offering the easiest way to the business owners and the site owners to build their own fully functional ad posting theme.

The product listing businesses can designs their classified WordPress theme in a very innovative way and therefore they can grow their business.

How to change appearance settings in WordPress?

With AdForest classified theme, you will be able to make the changes in appearance settings according to your requirement. In your WordPress site, you will see appearance menu on the left side. When you will click there, you will be directed to the theme options where you can make general settings, header changes, ads setting, blog settings, API setting, etc. when you go in the general settings; there are some options that you can either set on or off. You can set color plate on and then you can choose any theme color from default, red, green, blue and sea green. In those general settings, you will also be able to choose default user picture having the dimensions of 200 by 200.

Classified theme with header settings:

Next to the general settings, there are header settings in the theme options. Two header styles are available that are white or black and you can opt for any one. Top bar and sticky menu can be set either on or off in the header settings. If you set the top bar on then you will also be required to select pages for top bar. After that, you will choose sign up page and sign in page. For the sign up page, it is recommended to choose “Register” and for the sign in, “Login”. Besides that, you will also set profile page, ad posting website page, a professional logo having the dimension of 230 into 40 and a logo on sticky. Both these logos can even be same. If you want to show “Post an Ad” button in your menu then you will turn it on. In those header settings, you can even change the text of “post an ad”.

Ads settings:

The four types of settings are actually available in this category that are general settings, ads post settings, ads view settings and search settings. Now, we have a look at the general settings where you are firstly supposed to allow all countries or not. If you set “allowed all countries” as off then you will have to select the countries that you allow and you can choose maximum 5 countries as per Google limit. Communication mode can also be changed in those settings and this mode can either be message or phone or even both. Next, there will be the setting of “send email on Ad Post” and “send email on message”. If you set “send email on message” as on then an email will automatically be sent to the concerned user when someone drops a message on ad. Toaster notification can also be set as on in order to notify the user on web through small popup whenever someone drops a message on ad.

Hence the theme settings in AdForest WordPress classified theme are super easy and interesting and anyone can customize them independently and start to build your own classified website within affordable budget range.