Have you seen James Spader as Ultron? Even better an act is what he does in Blacklist. I love him as a person. Absolutely comfortable with himself. He once gave an interview where he said that Reddington is a criminal and is fearless. A quality he wished everyone had. FEAR is a moneymaker.

Fear of Rejection is the Nuke for sales. Cars, Suits, Perfumes, Beauty products, Diamonds, Jewellery , etc. All of these most often is to make the other person stay.Now it can be a 1 to 1 or 1 to many relationship. but people are scared of their true skin so much that they make effort to hold the string tight.

Now of course this does not mean that one becomes like a caveman,No. Personal hygiene and conduct is important and sure costly clothes and things feel good. but mostly they feel good because of the admiration and respect they bring along. the feeling of being special.

People should shift their focus point from an external co-ordinate to inside them. Acceptance is so liberating. Okay I am not perfect, a little crooked, lazy, selfish and mean,I am not good looking and I can be extremely rude and cunning at times,I said it. Now there’s nothing hidden that you can expose.

I am no longer bound to use the hideous products to hide my ugly side. Take it or leave it. That is freedom. And make no mistake, hardly anyone will accept you or love you, but 1 true friend is better than a 100 fake ones.

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