there is a voice inside me, muffled. its a scream to vent out my anger against everything that went wrong in my life, everywhere I was treated badly.

It is waiting to come out, but I can’t. not with people around. It is so loud even if I shout from a hill top people will come running thinking I screamed for help.

I want to shout so bad, I want to scream from the top of my voice and with full lung capacity that heavens should shake and gods should descend from above to make me stop.

my voice is so strong and heart is so much in pain, I will shake this world and change it forever. or die without even 2 people knowing I ever existed.

I really hope there is a god and within a month from now things get right for me.

or else i’m going from half mental to full mental and few people are going to not like it. at all.

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