Faces & Stories.

I meet new people very often, because most of the ones I know are boring. I look for an answer, a satisfaction from knowledge of life. I observe people walking, talking and their gestures while I am sitting somewhere in a park or a train.

It is really unbelievable how amazing strength, courage and beauty people are sometimes hiding behind simple looking faces. The English parents who adopted a 5 year old Indian kid, while both, the parents and the kid do not know each other’s language. The blind man who has self respect and goes to work at a corporate office, the sweeper who lost it all in life and was once a lecturer of English. The boy whose father got seriously depressed and mother fell sick.

The maid who supports her family by working hard, the man who washes cars every morning even though he is really young. The depressed cigarette addict and the spoilt junkie who lost his mother in an accident few years ago,and how he bounced back. The beautiful and intelligent girl whose father did not let her do an MBA, but she managed to get a scholarship for her masters, by herself.

Everywhere, everyone has a story. Sometimes with beauty, mostly with pain and suffering. In my heart I weep for them, but I store that emotion within me. Maybe someday when I act, I shall open this pandora’s box of pain and suffering I have come across and thrill the audience with the reality of an expression that would be unparalleled.

Otherwise, i’ll simply let it go and relax..

MY blogs have this kind of chill vibes.. you might think I am high while writing this. Well, Maybe I am ! Only I do not need substances to create that effect in my brain !!!

I have an unlimited supply of an exponentially increasing high from the same product.


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