Human Nature

You must’ve met people of All kinds.

Kind, Generous, Cruel, Miser, Evil,Greedy, Divine, Helpful, Arrogant, depressed, lazy, sad, happy, crazy good, crazy bad etc.

I think people by nature, by default are happy, loving and kind.

Meet people who are celebrating some festival, who had good food after a long time, those who accomplished something they wanted to for a long time. and most probably you’l see them happy and full of joy.

But meet a person who just had an accident, suffered some trauma, or has been tortured or harassed for a long time since childhood, and you’l find those people to be cruel, angry and bullies.

Its not just the lust and greed to grab things that one has to get rid of. the seed to all these problems is the fear and the insecurity that no one belongs to them. they’re on their own and that nobody cares for them or bothers to help them if they shall ever fall down in life.

This I think is the reason most people in the world today are so obsessed with possessing things. just for the sake of it. they may not even enjoy these things, but just accumulate it. Because it brings them acceptance and admiration from other people.

There is the need for everybody to connect with each other, to value people over things & to help those who need it. And this just might be the cure to even terrorism. This path might not be easy, but surely this shall transform the society.