I am at a point in life where I do not know what I am going to do.

I’ve made some terrible mistakes and they shall soon come to bite me. my efforts to solve it have all been in vain. the disappointment lead to a broken heart and spirit.

And there is nothing worse than broken spirit. because you can do nothing. even mundane chores become a headache. one does not try to do anything beyond their comfort. you hope for some one to come and help you out of this dark pit. And even if some one does, you do not acknowledge them and then cry there’s no one for me.

That is the truth. there is no one for you. My action will lead to things which I will have to go through, good or bad. And there are people in far worse situations waiting for your help. the question is, are you willing to get off your seat, move over your pettiness and reach to people who need help.

the most important question is, do you want to transform you information and knowledge into wisdom? I have not been successful yet. maybe because I did not try my best yet. what holds me back? laziness, self doubt?? Will I move over my comfort and explore the unknown.

the reason I blog here is because this is not facebook or twitter. there are no fake people here willing to judge me. but can a person really move beyond opinion? dance on the street even though if people called you crazy. all great legends were crazy to people in their time.

I blog here to keep this to myself, but secretly hoping some one would join in the conversation.

I might be a bit crazy for you, And I love that about myself. I know I am lost, but I REALLY hope I find a way :)

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